After updating 360 with halo 3 system no longer works

My nephew's got an xbox 360 for xmas after setting it up and trying to run halo 3 after the update all other games crash including halo 3.

I tried clearing the hd cache, formatting did not fix it, games including halo 3 will not work with the hard drive attached i have to remove it to get the games working?

Any ideas? any site on net that deals with these type of probblems.
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  1. That really sux. Welcome to the world of consoles. It least if it was a PC there might be some hack/tweak to try. Look luck with that.
  2. There's always a risk of brickification whenever you update a console. No real option but to send it to Microsoft.

    You can verify with xbox modder groups if you like.
  3. try performing maintanince on the hd go to the device options screen and press x x rb lb xx and a blade will come up and just click yes, or continue, cant remeber

    Hope that helps
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