PS3 and playing online?

Just wondering how this all happens?

I have my 1080p LCD downstairs where I want to hook up the PS3. My PC is upstairs hooked up to the internet where I also have a wireless router the wife uses for her laptop. Will I be able to play the PS3 downstairs and connect to the internet for online gaming using the wireless router that stays up stairs?

If not how would I be able to do this? I guess I'm not completely aware of how the wi-fi stuff works in the PS3.
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  1. Probably... just get another wireless router and I think that's all you need.
  2. If you already have a wireless router, all you need to do is get your PS3 to look for it, enter any passwords to access the Wireless Router, and you are good to go. Don't buy anything else, just get your wife to help you if she has set it up to work with her laptop before.

    When I first got wireless I found it weird, not too intuitive, and it bombed alot, then you had to manually get it working again.

    Best trick for wireless if you are having trouble: UNPLUG the wireless router for 10 secs to reboot it. This solves 90% of the problems.

    Other trick: Unplug any 2.4Ghz phones you have in the house, this can cause your WiFi to drop connections.

    I would recommend MOVING the router from upstairs to where your PS3 is, and hooking up your PS3 with an Ethernet Cable to the back of the router, and skipping the whole wireless thing. I don't think it is nearly as good as gaming with an ethernet connection.
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