ERROR when trying to play Half Life 2 PLEASE HELP!

Ok so i got half life 2 episode 1 and installed it from the disc and everything. I open the game up and try to start a new game on part 1. As it is at the en of the loading screen the bars start going backwards, :ouch: , then it closed the game and i got this

SO WTF? What is this? I tried everything from reinstalling the game, the drivers, going into the computers console. Screaming at it didnt help either (it usually does :D )

can anyone help?
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  1. I suppose you tried updating directx?
  2. no i didnt... i dont even know how to do that... i do know the problem is the drivers or registry because its an internal problem in the pc... how do i get updates for dx9?

    ps im running windows media center with ati x300
  3. Uninstall and reinstall your soundscard & videocard drivers. Download any available updates for Windows.
  4. Try this link -

    This should (eventually - you need to validate windows etc) let you download the latest direct x. I also got an error when running half life 2 - ep 2, but I re-installed my graphics card drivers and all is well. Hope this helps
  5. hmmm i downloaded newest direct X update... still no game =[

    is it safe to uninstall video drivers then reinstall? Without the drivers wouldn't the screen go blank?
  6.'ll go default and weak resolution...but when you'll reinstall you're drivers, you'll get back to that resolution again, etc.
  7. If your using a Radeon graphics card then it could be drivers. My friend had problems loading half-life2 based games after he upgraded his drivers. Installing an earlier version fixed it.
  8. Update your video card drivers. Problem solved.
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