COD 4 fps problem

Hi there!
I came here with an annoying problem of mine.
I can't make Call of duty 4 to run properly on my machine, I tired turning down all the graphic options, but no matter what settings I use, my fps keeps dropping down to 3-8 on tighter spots (explosions, many guns firing), altough my system should be easily able to handle the game, at least on normal quality (but I think it should be running smoothly, on better settings too)

Here are my system specs:
Motherboard: Asus P5B
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40 Ghz
Video Card: Radeon X1950 pro 512MB DDR3 RAM
RAM: 2 * 1 GB ram
Sound Card: Integrated on motherboard
PSU: GPS-400AA-101 A it has 400W output
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  1. One important question is what resolution are you running at? But even at high resolutions your PC should handle CoD4.
    Other than that, start with the usual suspects. Update all the drivers, clean ( I use CCleaner and Ad-Aware) and defrag you HD, see what else is running in the background.
  2. The only thing I didn't do is to defrag, I'll try that now, but when I updated my video driver, I thought I found the source of the problem, however, it came back very shortly :S strange.
  3. Defragged, same...
    By the way, why would defrag would help? It only sorts out what is on the hard drive, the game runs from memory, it really would be SLOW if it had to load from HD all the time.
  4. 1950PRO absolutely could handle the game smoothly in hight setting
    run the 3Dmark to test your card's stability, if your card pass the test so it must be something wrong in game
  5. do you have any issues with other games...could we potentially be seeing another overheating issue....

    (sorry, but i always like to bring up that possibility).
  6. Ok, it IS true that my computer is in a small place (my desk was designed for it), so I'll try getting it out, and I get 2 fans aimed at it... ok it sounds dumb but I don't have a better idea now...
  7. I tried out 3DMark, which is a program to test these kind of things.... and, the graphic tests were really bad, 14-20 fps, and the cpu tests were catastrophic 0.2-0.3 fps :\
    I rated the worst among people who has the same setup... I think I'll search around there too for a solution, but I'll post any result I find here too.
    And there wasn't any change in performance after I made my computer house as cool as I could.

    EDIT: ok, so it turns out that for the cpu tests that low fps isn't catastrophic only bad, it doesn't really goes above 3 fps in the best systems, still... I should get more :\
  8. Got your windows installation disk handy?
  9. I did a full format, but it didn't help.
    Someone said at the Cod4 forums that it could be because my PSU, it gives 14, and 15 Amp on the 12V rails, which they said is not enough for my specs, so I think I'll buy a new one, maybe a Antec TruePower Trio 650W.
    We'll see...
  10. Dont buy new psu before you have checked this one :

    my friend has same mobo ( p5b ) , just like you , and he had same problems in company of heroes , studdering 3-10fps when something explodes. He tracked the problem to p5b's soundcard . So i think that your soundcard is problem here.

    take a few steps , and then test :

    1. Uninstall Soundcard drivers

    2.Go to BIOS , and turn your soundcard off

    3. If cod4 has "no sound " option in sound options, then put that.

    4. Test the game

    If this was your problem , you can do like my friend had done ( buy new sound card )
  11. All right, I'll try that out.

    EDIT: I would try out, but uninstalling soundcard drivers will only result in that I can't run the game, because there is no sound.
    I don't know how can I turn my soundcard off from my bios, but also I think it will result in the same thing
    And I'll check that no sound option when I restart my computer now.

    EDIT2: There is no "no sound" in the game, right now I'm searching console commands, and cfg's.
  12. then dont unistall drivers, just go to bios , and search it trough ,
    there is option called "hd audio" or something , i have "hd audio" in p5k, but p5b might have some other name " XXXX Audio" ... , just find it in bios ,'cos that console commands and cfg's doesnt help ...
  13. hey , i found it ... --->

    1.Go to Bios
    2. there go ADVANCED
    3.There is " HD AUDIO CONTROLLER" , Disable it!
    4. Right next to it , there is a " front panel support type" , try disabling that also. If you cannot disable "frond panel support type" , then just try playing cod when HD AUDIO CONTROLLER is disabled.
  14. Ok, found it, and when I turn off HD audio controller, then windows doesn't finds the sound card, and the game doesn't start because of the abscence of the sound card.
    When I changed the setting at front panel support type, there was sound and the game run, but just as poorly as before. (there was no disable option for it)
    Also tried muting the sound in windows, but didn't help the performance.
  15. hey

    that strange that game wont start, can you test it with some other game?
    my friend had problems also with company of heroes ( when something explodes, pc lags ) . it would be good if you can do that
    The sound card have no effect in 3dmark btw, it doesnt use sounds , so your points will be default, with bad soundcard or not.
  16. Hey,
    I have a AMD X2 4200 on a MSI K9VGM-V, G.SKILL 2GB ram, Radeon X1950 Pro video card. My MOBO Chipset is VIA. Everything is up to date. I run COD4 at 800x600 just fine. I pushed the settings up. Could this be a chipset not liking the video card?If I am wrong forgive
  17. Make sure you have the multiple video card option turned off. This happened to my friend and a couple of other people that I have seen on other forums.

    as seen in this screenshot:
  18. 800X600 magman? My X800XT and Athlon64 3000+ @2.2ghz runs it at 50 fps full everything (cept 2XAA) at 1024X768.....

  19. Ive never had a pleasant experience with via chipsets, so try benchmarking your memory etc to see what number you get, then compare those to others, it could be the chipset bottlenecking your whole system.
  20. I had the same problem with my p5b, then i discovered that there is a stupid BIOS setting slowing down the GPU, its found under the pci-e settings, just make sure that the remapping memory is enabled AND at the bottom the PEG x1 is disabled, that solved my performance issues.
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