Gears Of War PC Problems

Just bought Gears Of War PC. Took 45 minutes to install due to stupid inefficient Microsoft programming. When I start the game, the initial screen just freezes. Mouse cursor barely moves, and can't play game at all. Have uninstalled and reinstalled 3X. Have installed one or other or both patches. Have installed latest Nvidia and AMD drivers for CPU. Tried almost everything. Still, opening screen locks up. CPU and RAM usage less than 40% when game "running".
My system:
ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe Mobo
AMD64X2 6000
7900GTX NVidia card
200 Gb free drive space

Do not use Norton Anticomputer working properly software. Use AVG free
Have Hardware firewall in router to keep out Internet related threats, and WinXp firewall.
Can play Crysis at high settings, no problem... smooth, no lag

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  1. Have you had any or similar problems with other games (except for Crysis)?

    What OS are you running the game on?
  2. Have not had any problems with any other games: Oblivion, Guild Wars, Crysis, Prey, FEAR, any Half Life episodes, Chronicles of Riddick, etc.even at high rez. Running Win XP SP2, totally updated. New problems have developed. After spending almost 2 hours on the phone with Micrusucks, and trying several solutions, game got REALLY screwed up and I could not even uninstall it. Whole computer locked up. Had to go to an old restore point. As long as this game is NOT on my computer, things are fine. The second I install it, weird crap starts to happen. Microsucks guy told me he has spent several days dealing with the same problem. He is supposed to get back to me with a solution....... I am now going to start holding my breath.... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ...gasp wheeze....
  3. *flump* (oh god he died, i told him he couldn't hold his breath for 2.45 years)
  4. I was talking to a friend of mine last night about a game he was having problems with. It was another xbox port to pc game. He found out online somewhere that if he disconnected his usb joystick, his problems would go away. Just thought I would mention it since GoW is an xbox port.

    Good luck.
  5. Found a partial solution to problem:
    1. Completely uninstall all remnants of Gears of War. May have to go back to a previous restore point to avoid any registry garbage from G of W.
    2. Clik Start, Run and run msconfig.
    3. Under General tab: Deselect: Process SYSTEM.INI; Process WIN.INI; Load Startup Items
    4. Clik on Services Tab; Clik to select Hide All Microsoft Services; Clik Disable all; Clik Apply; Clik OK; Reboot computer.
    5. Install latest graphics card driver; latest CPU drivers (I have an AMD 64X2 6000)
    6. Download Gears of War patch (Gears TU) and XLiveRedist01.02.0241.00 from Microsucks website.
    7. Install Gears of war, but don't try to run it. Deselect Run Gears of War. Install both patches.
    8. Run G of W. If it works, you got lucky. If not.... phone Microsucks and complain.
    9. Now for the annoying time consuming part: Run msconfig. repeat steps 3. and 4. Clik on Services that you want to reload a few at a time to try to find out which one is causing the problems. Reboot and retry G of W. After several reboots, you may find which Service is causing the problem

    In my case, all of my Services were okay, but the Startup items in the Startup tab caused the game to freeze. I have not figured out which program is the problem, but with all the above things turned off, I can at least play the game until Microsucks writes a patch that fixes the problem.
    10. Send Microsucks a bill for your time as a Beta Tester for their ****, bug filled release of G of W.

    After all the swearing and cursing and restarts and dicking around, the game is actually VERY intriguing. I really like the fact that you can run for cover, like a real soldier. Cool. Gotta go and run msconfig, deselect everything, restart, wait around until I die of old age, and then finally get to go and kick some alien ass.

    Good Luck
  6. Guy at work had an issue with Gears Of war and found that Powerdvd was the culprit in that matter. Uninstalled Powerdvd and reinstalled his display driver and all is well...for now.
  7. As for number 10, best to send it to Epic Games as they made it, not MS.
  8. Anonymous said:
    Guy at work had an issue with Gears Of war and found that Powerdvd was the culprit in that matter. Uninstalled Powerdvd and reinstalled his display driver and all is well...for now.

    WTF??? The culprit in my case is also PowerDVD!! Not sure how that can be, but when I run msconfig, and the ONLY thing I disable is PowerDVD... Voila! Gears of War works just fine. Power DVD is a pretty common program for anyone with a DVD player. So, maybe Microsuck can write a patch that fixes this, you know, to try not to piss off all the PC gamers out there. Thanks to septic for the hint.
  9. if i may add... i had gears crashing on my PC along with Kane & Lynch (both have the "games for windows" tag)

    i downloaded this >>>

    no more crash whatsoever.. it might be some help for those who had this game crashing (without pdvd)
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all the info. I thought I wasted my money on this game, but as it turns out it's just annother software bug. I tried to get GoW running for almost a week and was about to give up and ran across this post. I DL'ed it and installed, then POOF! it ran without crashing..... WOO HOO!!! Whatever is in that patch that "wh3resmycar" had posted here worked like a charm ;). I heard it was a port problem, but at this point I didnt really care, just wanted it to work. TY

    System specs:
    Mainboard : Gigabyte 965P-DS3
    CPU: intel Core 2 duo E6600 2.4 @ 3.38Ghz
    RAM: 2 Gigs G-Skill DDR2
    Video: Nvidia 7800GTX OC'd from 430 Mhz core clock to 490 Mhz and the memory from 1200 to 1375

    Again, thank you everone for the tech tips, hope to be able to reply on somthing and help someone else.
  11. I was able to download the Gears TU and XLiveRedist01.02.0241.00 patches for Gears of War. After I installed the game itself and clicked Play, all I receive is a Software Update tab at the bottom of the screen and nothing happens. Is anyone familiar with this problem?
  12. i have problems runing gow it says i have moddified excutable codes in my binaries but i dont know what to do coz ill ask first before spending hours on the phone and find out it's somthing simple
  13. I got the same broblem but how i need to fix it i don't know! :fou: can somewone say to me how to fix this broblem? :sweat:
    Look for the patch on this website, It is the only patch or things such as uninstalling and installing the game 3 times.
    On the web site once you enter in your birth day, click on community, then go down to pc updates, Then you will see what patch actually worked for me.
  15. You have to enter the disk, go to computer/program files/Microsoft games/ Gears Of War/ Binaries/ WarGame-G4WLive, and click on play. then play the game. This is after you aplly the patch.
  16. Reply to me if this works after you have followed these steps.
  17. hey thanks bigal18!!
    i've had that same problem with the executable, binaries, thingo and have reinstalled stupid GoW thrice with no success, but ur advice with the patch worked wonders and can now play this game!! :bounce:
    thanks again! :)
  18. dont know if this might help anyone, but the game used to give me an error befor it starts(dont remember what the error exactly was) but changing the date made it work fine..!
  19. "You can not run this game with a modified executible!"...I had a client that had this problem the other day. Figured it out with some doing, but Epic and Microsoft support are both horrible, so here is the solution.

    1) set the system clock back to a date before 1/27/2009 then start the game


    2)Google and download "Gears of War patch # 3" and play the game.

    figured out the first one by myself and got the second after doing a search of the first. Hope this helps everyone who gets the issue...Note: If neither work then you have a viral problem...His was both. So be sure to check if the above solutions fail.

    Best Regard,
    PCVICE :sol:
  20. I bought Gow from a friend and i got the same modified executible thing and i fixed that but then when i start playing the game it only works for around 1mins and then it just closes for some reason and i have tried almost everything

    Please help me with this!!!
  21. ive never had any probs with this game setp with SLI with 2 9800GX2's but with my 2 new GTX 295's in SLI ive had no probs
  22. i have a problem with my gears of war everytime i try to uninstal it, it crashes and has an error any one get an error when they try to uninstal theirs. :fou: :fou: :fou:
  23. badzombie said:
    i have a problem with my gears of war everytime i try to uninstal it, it crashes and has an error any one get an error when they try to uninstal theirs. :fou: :fou: :fou:

    Delete the program folder and all the registry entries and it should be gone although there may be a entry left behind in 'Add/Remove programs"
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