Nforce2 and Radeon 9700Pro Issues

Hi all (meh 1st post here :)

I have a few issues at the moment - let me say when this combo works - it rocks!!! I have built the system using the processor, DCRW, DVD, Speakers, Monitor, from my old case - but bought super nice Lianli aliminium case, the mobo memory and Radeon new.

But here's whats left to solve...

Motherboard (Asus A7N8X Deluxe) detects my XP2000+ as a 1800+ The fsb is set to 133 and an 11.5 multiplier. Seems very strange as my previous board detected it fine (Abit KG7).

I have various hanging issues - usually in CFS3 when I get an explosion but really can happen at any time. In other games its not so common but still happens at strange and usually pinpointable times (e.g. When setting graphics options in Serious Sam) It's not heat as the mobo has 4 fans in the case doing the air extraction and a GlobalWin Super Quiet Copper H/S Fan - temps read 35 for Mobo and 30-40 for the CPU depending on stress :)

Also my CD's are causing Explorer to hang. My CDRW suddenly has trouble reading cd's it has burnt (read them fine in last system). I switched DA off in its properties but problem remains :/

Last and prolly least serious - just cant get my CL 5.1 Speakers to come out right - they sound fine but when tested with the onboard Nvidida sound card the front and rear come out of all speakers regardless of how I wire things to the board.

Well that should keep someone busy - I appreciate theres a lot of new stuff in this system but thats kind of the point of spending so much money on it all :)


WinXP Pro SP1
Athlon 2000+
Asus A7N8X with latest unified drivers
Gigabyte Radeon 9700 pro (2.4 Cat's)
On board sound
On board NIC's (X2 :) )
Plextor 40x12x40 CDRW
Phillips 16 x DVD
120GB IBM Deskstar
512MB 333mhz DDR Ram
Speedtouch DSL modem

Some game seem perfect but I am having particular trouble with CFS 3, SS, and UT2K3 I cant even install!

Thanks in advance for your help ;)

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  1. Well I have solved some issues but really need help with the last of them. The speakers are sorted - basically if you have 3 jacks to your speakers you need to go through speaker settings and change the line-in to act as a rear speaker channel - weird but groovy they can do that!

    Also I installed DX9beta and the DX9 drivers from ATI and everything runs like a dream! No more crashes from BETA drivers and DX lol!!!

    Big 2 I need help with are the CPU detection and the CD drive problem - even original disks with big files are hanging explorer. Driving me crazy as I cant install UT2K3!

    Please for the love of god help me !!!! :)

  2. Hmmm.
    What happens when you manually select the Correct multiplier for the XP2000+ in the bios?
    Does it boot ok/at all?
    Did you insall the latest bios revision?
    Have you ever tried overclocking the chip or otherwise playing with the bridges on the CPU surface?

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  3. Yes it boots fine and I have been playing all kinds on what is now a very very fast PC :) Just want from my CPU the power I paid for :)

    I am not entirely sure what the right multiplier is? I think the 2000+ should be running at 1.65ghz??? On a 133 mhz bus only for this chip so I have tried inching it up to a 12x and it seemed to boot ok - but didnt do much more testing as the BIOS (which is the latest 1C) still only detects it as the 1800+.

    Never been overclocked and thus bridges are untouched so its not that - if someone can tell me the right multiplier I will give it a bash :)

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  4. Yes. The XP2000+ runs at 12.5 x 133 = 1666Mhz.
    The XP1800+ only runs at 11.5 x 133 = 1533Mhz.

    And what you say is interesting. With a normal CPU you SHOULDN'T be able to change the Mhz... of if you do change it in the bios the actual Mhz doesn't change.

    Search and download a small program called WCPUID. It will tell you for certain what speed you are running at.

    I just hope you havnt been ripped of and are running a slower CPU or an overclocked one.

    <b>The Intel Celleron 2.1 & 2.2Ghz processors provide consumers with a great way to get on the Internet. Which one of the 478 pins plug into the phone socket? - <i>Intel & The Inquirer</i></b>
  5. the multiplier should be 12.5 for xp 2000.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
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