Weird CS 1.6 Problem

My friend has had counter strike for awhile now, but recently he has had a problem with getting "kicked" from servers. Every time he connects to one he can play for maybe 3min, or sometimes 3hours! But eventually he gets an error that says "Bad Data File" and he is removed from the server and taken to the main menu! It doesnt say "kicked" and that being the reason though. His game just stops and he is put to the menu with that Error! Someone please help!

Some of the things he has tried.
1. Reinstalled steam
2. Reinstalled Counter Strike
3. Reinstalled his GUI (the Cevo and tha CPL Pro)
4. He tried playing without a custom GUI (boring nad dull though)

Nothing seems to help, could someone please post some other things he could do. Or possibly someone else out there has ran into the same problem!
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  1. Thats steam for you, back in the day when i played it a lot there was a load of errors like that i got booted for bad files which i had already and bad ticket and all this they are just bugs
  2. he could try verifying the local game files tho if he has already done a reinstall it may be pointless.

    Right click on the game in the steam games section. Go to properties and then local files. Veryify integrity of game cache
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