crysis online play?

played and completed single player, but not played online. (for various reasons)

has anyone played multiplayer? is it any good??
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  1. Quote:
    has anyone played multiplayer? is it any good??

    Yes. If the word "garbage" means anything to you, that's how I describe Crysis MP.

    I've heard there has been a recent influx of hackers and nothing is really being done to stop them, but I don't play the online mode anymore... so take this with a grain of salt.
  2. hum, well if MP is rubbish then im quite disapointed, SP complete then thats it, nothing left to play then. seams like a waist.
  3. im waiting for mods, the multiplayer isnt that bad but the 8 maps get pretty damn boring quick when you're mowing everyone down with minigun.

    Jurassic park and Mechwarrior: Living Legends mods look promising.
  4. really just wondering if i should buy the game just for MP..
  5. Just wait for mods like Stemnin said, I think that will make the MP 1000x more fun.
  6. I can confirm there are a lot of hackers on the multiplayer of crysis (And its really starting to p*** me off), and no, nothing seems to be being done about them (at least to me), btw, you get all kinds of hackers, i've seen - infinite health, infinite ammo and an aimbot thus far (at least, im pretty sure the infinte health wasn't lag, it is possible it was.... but i dont think so)
  7. crysis
  8. I have to agree - the MP is garbage.
  9. uuuuuuu can let me play
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