What's this I heard about Battlefield 2142?

Hello all,

I read somewhere that BF2142 installed rootkits or some kind of spyware on your system. Is that true?

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  1. not to my knowledge.... but i wouldn't put it past EA not to....
  2. Hi,

    I play this game a bit. I think it has some dodgy code to track your web usage to control the in-game advertising (sort of 3D billboards in some of the maps). You know the usual sort of crap you have to put up with these days!! I am sure you can block the specific port for sending this information were ever it goes!! (I found this out when googling for a fix for a map loading bug.) Just Google for the info.

    I suppose thats why its a relatively cheap game... A good multi-player game though!! You get the usual aseholes who don't squad up and just mess about but hey-ho thats just life!! I do like the high-tech look after playing BF2 (EMP granades/bombs, floating mines and invisibility unlocks, etc.)!!

  3. It has in-game ads. Not sure how this is implemented. I don't notice them, too busy having gun fights :D
  4. Yeah, in game adds, i think intel paid them to advertise there cpu's, i think the slogans are:

    "less lag, more frag with an intel cpu"

    and on the ship container boxes its like:

    "caution: intel cyborg componetsn inside" or something similar.

    Also intel and EA colaberated to make highway tampa a map that is in bf2 and bf2142, the in game description says you need to keep supply lines open for intel cpu's to europe or something.

    I usualy shoot them and stuff, c4 them out of spite when bored.
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