Why in the Hell do people play WOW?

I'm not knocking how anyone spends their free time, but the game seems really boring. I have a friend, who has a 24 year old cousin who plays the gme constantly, he is a normal, if kind of geeky guy who pass'es up beer and baes to play this game. What am i missing, I play freelancer my 5 hours a month, and i dabble in playstion 2 games when i ge bored, I dont spend 8-10 hours a day on a game.
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  1. they need to simulate achievment
  2. They can't afford the hardware to play anything better ;)
  3. People normally play WOW becuase their real life sucks that much, they have to invent a charecter portraying it as them in a virtual world to make themselves look good.
  4. m1ddy is right. its a kinda of psychological disorder.
  5. Or. They have serious mental issues.
  6. It is a fun and addictive game, though I don't understand myself how people can play it for hours on end. It's like Ultima Online when it came out I guess.

    Some people play it for the fun of playing with friends, others feel they've got to be ultra hardcore because they've spent every waking moment playing to get the absolute best gear/tactics/etc to beat everyone to a pulp and feel almighty. But that happens with other games as well, except that they don't have monthly fees.

    End of the day though, it's not as weird as Second Life. Now there's a concept I don't understand :D
  7. Second life is nuts.
  8. It's one of those games for people who played any of the warcraft games and wanted to really get into the whole story and stuff. I played...for about 3 months and I was quite addicted....but i was in my first semester of college and oly played when I was bored and was not drinking or trying to get girls.

    Lots of people play simply because they have nothing better to do and just really want to be 'super-awsome' at absolutely nothing
  9. People like different things, and apparently 9 million people like WOW, Im with holy I got pretty bored.. I played DAOC forever, I like some of the upper ecehlon competetion.. I have to hand it to WOW they did a great job with the interface, but I agree it becomes like mouthwash, rinse and repeat...Im waiting for my next addiction.. And recon when you get old like me, going out gets expensive and old too :)
  10. 1-repetitive

    I played it for 2 months and hated it, 32 druid, 46 mage :\ , there's a total of 3 quests replayed about 10,000 times!!!!
  11. The game a huge time sink, if you have lots of free time its the perfect game to waste it in.
    I played it for awhile but right before the expansion came out i was burnt out on it, leveled my characters up and then sold the account. :D

    The whole point of a game is to have fun and waste time, some people have more time to waste then others. :pt1cable:
  12. and sadly, most of my bf2 clan has been playing wow, so I suggested they put up a wow roster right next to the cod4 roster lol, whenever they leave azeroth..
  13. I play wow because I used to play Everquest when I was younger and enjoyed it. Moved to wow with the wife and brother and long time family friends. It's all about what you enjoy doing in life. I don't mind hanging out with my friends in game killing monsters for gear. Hell, I did the same thing in table top D&D and didn't get anything real there either. To each their own I suppose.
  14. thechevron said:
    its great, and ruins yourlife, and gives you bragging rights when you say that you got a wow tattoo ( I do) and left your family (nearly) for a computer game.
    thats hardcore gaming.

    I hear that I'm grateful that my wife plays the game too or I would be seriously in trouble. I only raid now and do the occasional run with guildmates. I still play other games as well I don't just limit myself to WoW. Hell, I still play D&D sometimes when I'm lucky.
  15. Oh dear ... shall I post something or shall I not. Sounds like if I do, people will start thinking that I am mental (like jonisginger).

    To hell with it ...

    To me it is more of the social aspect and the vastness of the world that is so full of real people. I have played other games too but none comes close. I don't play FTS like Counter Strike so I wouldn't have known how teamwork is like in those genre. Most of the games are offline type. Just you and the machine. Oblivion's world seems big. But I feel lonely inside. Neverwinter Nights 2 has all the nice magic and RPG component to it, but the world is not as large and I don't really enjoy pausing the game to strategize and resume to continue the battle.

    In short, it is hard to find other alternatives (tried DAoC and Guild Wars).

    To those who think WoW is a simple game. Well, I would say if your goal is to reach the end level by grinding the monsters again and again, sure, it is just like hit the button 1, and then 2, and then 3, and then collect loot. And repeat.

    Some quests are actually pretty challenging, require skills to solo (even if you have a few team members with you). Some storylines are more epic than others (with good rewards). And of course, learning to play your role well inside a challenging dungeon is yet another exciting aspect of the game that I immensely enjoy. It is not always possible to have a balanced team of tank/healer/damage dealer. When the team is not balanced, it is yet another level of challenge.

    And there is the PvP aspect (that I don't really indulge into but have tried) when you see 40 of your faction waiting at the gate ready to match down the road and meet 40 of your opponents. Game objectives are being captured with strategic moves that can turn the tide of the game.

    I don't play that much now. But if I have to choose just one element on why the hell I play WoW, that would be the social aspect.
  16. They play WoW because there's nothing better to play for that Genre. Actually WoW ruined the MMORPG genre for the all the CoreFans of that genre. It has redefined the genre and made it too stupid and too easy. But they've done it right, because that's what most people want if we take into account the 9million subs and the marketing success.

    Boring game and is too easy.
  17. I agree with m1ddy.

    You won't understand why until you experienced it. I have been there for years (didn't like it at first) and finally made it quit (for almost a year). And luckily, somehow I managed to achieved things i have been wanted in RL while i was not playing WoW.

    However, now i started playing again (I blame christmas break)... was bored at no work, didn't plan to go i decided to play game. I didn't want to play WoW, so i bought CoD4...but unfortunately it doesn't work out well... i got dizzy after playing for a while. I tried some other games but end up returned my CoD4 for the expansion (TBC) and a game card plus some cash back.

    Now, the holiday is over... even though i'm playing again, atleast i know i wont play as much as i used to be (8-16hrs/day). Even if say i get addicted again, i still can't...cuz i have jobs (I have a full time job + 2 part time jobs), a demanding gf (who was there when i was addicted as well as achieving things we been wanted) and a morgage to pay. I just hope i can keep this in order.

    If you curious like the OP, cool and don't try.
    If you are a WoW addict and trying to quit try this site:

  18. goal setting and 'fun' once had, develops into rigidity, where it becomes an end in itself. (due to lack of bandwidth.)
  19. I played WoW for a long time. Did the whole Raid thing for a while. Boss fights are a challenge but can be a pain if you have morons in your guild.

    The PvP asepct can be pretty fun. They have an arena where you go 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 for rank and arena poitns which can be used to buy new upgrades. Getting a team of friends together and doing arena is pretty fun. I ended season 2 with 2150 5v5 rating, /shrug
  20. LMAO at the detox site, and the youtube link.

    I play(ed) wow for about 5 months till tech problems interrupted. So now i went back and just couldn't get back in. My retarded guild booted me for non attendance lmao, and i forgot which variation of the 2nd quest i was doing :P

    But seriously wow is fun, but i just can't get into a hardcore mode where i consume all my time trying to have a big epeen, i have a big real peen, so i'm all good.

    I got to lvl 59 and pretty much played on and off throughout the day just cuz my friends were on and i like to make fun of epeening noobs in any game, wow just has a large supply.

    ANyway i splurged and bought 4 news games, crysis, ut3, supcom FA, COD4, so without wow to interrupt anymore i might actually get to play them along with FEAR, Dawn of war, and all my other good games that got neglected due to playing wow.

    The biggest problem i have with wow is that i realized its not a skill or pride thing when people can just stay up longer than you to win. I also got disheartened by the fact that it took the "best trained" guild in the world 2 years to get to the offical "end" of wow and beat the boss with a whopping 40 man team... needless to say having to find 40 people with 2 years to spare is not easy, and i prefer to do most things on my own, hence i was a hunter :P

    Anyway theres my 2cents
  21. EDIT: Just saw the above post, and ya, pvp is pretty awesome just for the pwning noobs part. But they even ruined that with people have 3 70's and twinking the **** out of a 39 and the horde always winning :P
  22. :pouah: WoW I remember when i first heard of this game coming out the first word out of my mouth was "O no!!!!!" To me i find the graphics crap the characters crap the story crap i find it to be all crap and i never played it 7 million people played it haha ...... I could care less...... Its not my type of sugar...... I think 7 million people wasted money on a game that makes them waste there time... MMORPGs are all time wasting crap, i played Anarchy, Planetside, Diablo 1-2-lod, Matrix online, SWG, Guildwars, Lineage 2, And i loved playing but it was a waste of time and monthly payments.... And WoW i couldnt even bare talking about this game and why am i.... :pfff: Kids go to school and stop playing it wont get you anywhere in life everyone cant be Fatal1ty and earn a living playing.... I have to admit he is one lucky guy i wish i could do that.... lol
  23. I played WoW pretty hardcore for about two years but I haven't sat down to play it for a while. My wife on the other hand, plays daily, raids several times a week, does PvP, does Arena, and loves all of it. WoW has an incredible amount of content to offer and is constantly evolving. It also does many things very well.

    I just got to a point where it wasn't offering what I wanted out of a game anymore so I moved on. I still hear it's siren call from time to time. I imagine I'll go back to level up and try out the new class when Wrath of the Lich King comes out.
  24. OMG!!! I havent played MMORPG's in about 2 years and i come to relize how retarded WoW talk is.. I mean i use to use SWG talk on a daily conversation and now i relize how much of a retard i was.... Heres something better than MMORPG's make a buisness and make lots of cash and then you can sit down on your *** and play all day without exercise.... Mountain dew and Sourcream Onion potato chips everything with a side of icecream.... Its like this...

    If you play MMORPG'S like WoW you will be unsociable, wont want to go to school, want to just play play play.... And then when a newer game comes out or your tired of this MMORPG you play another one... Now tell me something when you finished your last MMORPG what happen to all that time you played??? IT WAS WASTED!!!! You could have learned something in school or made lots of cash and could have bought a cool car BUT you wasted your time grinding grinding grinding.... Time is money... I understand that WoW created 7 million uneducated people except a knowledge in WoW talk.....
  25. I'll admit it: I'm banned from MMORPGs because of the addiction factor. I used to thrive on that false sense of achievement you get from leveling characters, traveling vast landscapes and completing quests. Even now, years later, I still feel the urge to load one up just to wander the virtual countryside (I like Anarchy Online the best).

    On the other hand, games should be entertainment, not an existence. I just don't get those people "living" in Second Life, buying virtual furniture and acres land with real out-of-your-checking-account money....
  26. WoW is a collection game like Diablo II, just with a networking component added. People like to collect stuff and get "bigger" and "better" things. The online network aspect of it hooks players to play more with it. Some people, like with any game, take it WAY too seriously. I never got into a game like WoW, I much prefer FPS games and not paying a monthly fee to play a game online. I can get a quick fix and then move onto something different.
  27. I played a Rogue up to 60, here's my impressions:

    I have a career and a girlfriend, and we were both fighting over who gets to play (we shared an account). So, that isn't good.

    It is addictive. Designed to create SEVERE need to upgrade equipment and weapons at every turn, because other RL players gank you or the monsters are too tough or too many, so you are always addicted to upgrading. Kinda like computer equipment LOL.

    The music is cool and moody, the fighting in it isn't turn-based which is just silly, and the weapons are cool. Putting poison on daggers is more fun than watching Ad TV.

    I am guessing it is just a real substitute for televison to relax and have fun, I mean, if you watch TV and WoW, maybe that's psychological.

    Also, to be objective, I do think that the way corporate life is structured people don't have any fulfillment at the job. You log into your workstation, log out and go home.

    I could always argue that skydiving AND eating pizza at the same time could be "more fun" too. Or 2 chicks at the same time. While skydiving. But, most people are just, frankly, fed up of TV and the massive amount of Ads.

    The game is well developed-for, has great character design and equipment, but, come on:

    This game needs a SEVERE graphical overhaul at this point for what they are charging for the game and the subsequent monthly fees.

    I made 60, had fun in the auction house, and stopped playing one day. Just stopped, couldn't stand to play one more second. Kinda like the Clockwork Orange "treatments". I get sick to the stomach thinking about playing again.

    Also, the monthly fees get bothersome after a while. And the grinding. I mean, who runs home to sharpen knives for 6 hours. It was a bit much.

    So, my theory: People have unfulfilling jobs today. I mean, who gets to snowshoe around and shoot deer to make a living today? I mean, I wouldn't play ANY computer games at all then.

    My second theory is it is just how bad TV has become. I mean, grinding in WoW or channel surfing Tampax ads?

    Just my .02$
  28. Falken699 is spot on with the assesment. If I had a choice of watching TV, playing guitar hero, or playing an MMORPG.. I would choose an MMORPG. I'd much rather have an interactive waste of time then a mind numbing one.

    Of course you can argue that warcraft is a mind-numbing grind; but thats only if you dont actually do the quests and enjoy the stories behind them. There is alot of work put into the actual stories behind everything you do. It can be fun to actually "read" and follow along. Especially if you are doing them with friends.

    Yes it is addictive.. but also keep in mind that humans by nature are habitual creatures. Many daily things we do can be called addictions. Obsessions on the other hand are the more dangerous activities. If you are letting an MMORPG ruin your real life then you should not be playing. However, if you are playing to pass spare time.. it can be a very rewarding waste of time. *shrug*

    Would I pass up drinking with my buddies to play a PC game? Nope. But I would much rather play warcraft then go to another dance club meat market... did that for 5 years every weekend.. its old news for me.
  29. I played WoW for a while. I got in at the beginning of Burning Crusade and stuck around for about 8 months. I played WoW more than anything else other than work or sleep and it gave sleep a run for it's money.

    Then I realized how little I was getting done on my days off and how much was piling up, so I quit. I installed a couple of my favorite old games, bought a couple of new ones, and moved on. Now I am making progress on my house. WoW is kind of fun, especially when you are playing with your friends, but it is so easy to lose yourself in.
  30. I think it is wrong to generalize that people who play WoW are purely for the constant better upgrade and so on. Nor it is right to assume that WoW regular players are unsocialable only to find solace in the virtual world. You can argue that playiing WoW is a waste of money and time. But isn't it true for *any* computer games for that matter as other non-gamers may see?

    In the end of the day, it is to seek a balance. The only difference MMORPG and non-MMORPG game is that for MMORPG, there is no clear ending. You can go non-stop with little sleep on shooter game for 20 to 40 hours to finish the game. You probably need to put in about 4 times the same amount to yield the same result in WoW. I personally think that FPS games are stupid just shooting anything on sight, keep saving and loading the game ... but I learn to respect the FPS gamers. WoW gamers or MMORPG gamers are okay. We have one long game that last for a long time. For FPS gamers, isn't that true that you have to keep buying into the next FPS game to satisfy your crave?

    Just my humble thoughts.
  31. I played WoW for about a year, it was the first MMORPG I ever played and it will be the last. I loved all the warcraft games prior and the idea of it seemed cool so I gave it a shot. I love gaming, but was never the type to play that much, usually a couple hours a night (unless it was a new game). Then I started playing WoW. I was instantly hooked. I would literally play every minute of free time I had, until dawn. Although at that time I was at a point in my life I had alot of free time, last year of college only 2 classes, I was in the national guard so I really didnt need a job to get by, had a girlfriend, lived in an apartment, most of my friends had already graduated so we didn't do much on weekends anyway. (but there were times I would pass up going out to the bar to play) My gf was more busy than me otherwise it could have caused more problems (she was in school all day and worked until 11pm). Its not something I can explain, the game is just designed to be addictive. When I wasn't playing, I was on the WoW forums. Finally after a year of it ruling my life, I said to myself, there is no way I can keep this up when I get a job after graduation, I deleted my account uninstalled the game and tossed the disks out. Its also the fact its real time, and when your not playing your "missing out" I think thats what drives the addictive nature. (I loved to PvP, although I just couldnt bring myself to PvP as much as the people who made GM or HW) especially in PvP does the need to keep playing arise. Non online rpgs, you can pause, save etc and pick up and leave off where ever you want at your own pace. After I quit the game, i picked up oblivion and it was such a relief to play a game at my own pace. I have no desire to play wow ever again.
  32. Oh **** ya i forgot about the 3 hour raids and quests where no one can leave or elese you have to start all over again...
  33. corvetteguy666 said:
    Oh **** ya i forgot about the 3 hour raids and quests where no one can leave or elese you have to start all over again...

    Oh, if my memory serves me right, I was used to go with a group of strangers (read: no synergy or some lack experience) and spend like 6 hours+ in some of the pre-expansion dungeons. Man, those were painful times.

    Fortunately, the new dungeons after the expansion seems pretty short and sweet. However, these days, I hardly play WoW (though whenever I log on, I still get the kick out of it ... kind of the nostagic feel) and I usually stay away from the dungeons.
  34. IMO, People play WOW because MMO's are designed to suck you into a game, either through meeting people, improving your character, or following storylines. People play this specific MMO because it had the highest advertising budget (by far), and struck just at the time that broadband was taking off (not really needed to play most MMOs, very handy for downloading the regular updates that they tend to have).

    Techically the only thing that I can see WoW does 'better' than other games is that it can be played on lower end systems due to simple graphics than other recent MMOs.

    I've not heard of any innovations in the game that weren't done in other MMOs first, but there may be some. All the MMOs borrow from each other.

    I don't personally play it, but have spent lots of time on Dark Age of Camelot, and Lord of the Rings Online. From which you can probably gather I favour a less Cartoony game.

    At the end of the day, the only MMO I've ever seen a Movie Trailer, TV Trailer, or advert on a non-gaming/tech print or online press, for is WoW.

  35. I remember it was enjoyable for a few months when I played it after launch, it did get old after awhile and I heard the community has turned into Garbage.
  36. its just an endless hunt for itamz, its a smart model by blizzard for $$$ but its a bad game in the end.
  37. what i dont understand is how ppl are willing to spend $16 a month on WoW...that just seems wrong to me...they already make soo much money from just selling the copies...I played it for a while but when I heard they were gonna charge for the upcoming expansion (Burning Crusade), that just effing pissed me off...good thing by that time I was already bored with the game and really didnt have much time to play it anymore...
  38. I've been gaming since the early 80s, and WoW has got to be the best game I've ever played. No game has ever kept me on it for so long (over a year now), and kept me so continously interested. My brother in-law told me about it and I admit, it took me a month to get into it. At the beginning I was like, "WTF is this game, how boring". Luckily there were no other hot games out at the time, otherwise I probably would have stopped.

    After you really start to learn about all the aspects of the game (and there are a ton), you find out how stimulating it can be. You actually need to be really smart to understand what this game is about. There must be 20,000 pages on WoWWiki with explanations, strategies etc. Its fricken great. There are also so many things to do at the end game - not sure how someone can get bored.

    The game is very addictive, and I think those with weak personalities can get carried away with it (but that goes for anything in life - drugs, alchohol etc). I dont think WoW is any different.

    Anyway, hope to see you online somtime! Take it in moderation! WoW is not the enemy LMAO.
  39. I played hardcore for two and a half years. By hardcore, I mean 6-7 hours per day, 6-7 days a week. I missed out on a ton of college life while doing this. I was playing with people I worked with and people that were real life friends. It helped drive the sense of accomplishment and made raiding even more appealing. It is VERY easy to get the idea of responsibility to your guild and "friends" once you've gotten into a raiding guild. As soon as you start signing up for raid nights and scheduling your time, it's the beginning of the end.

    My personal friends and I started inviting a few anonymous strangers into the guild that we felt were worthy. The next thing you know, we are rooting them on and honestly happy for them when they receive gear upgrades.

    WoW creates friends out of like-minded strangers and instills a feeling of responsibility to those friends. People play WoW because once they've made these friends, or in my case real life friends, they are letting them down if they don't play.

    It used to take 40 people to raid, now the number is down to 25 (if you think a ten person group is raiding you are fooling yourself (compare the last boss of a 10 person raid and a 25 person raid)). If someone doesn't show up for a raid and there is no one to replace him, 24 people are left staring at a screen.

    I stopped playing after my wife had our daughter in October. RL > WoW

    But, looking back, it's easy to see why I played for so long. The game is easy enough for anyone to pick up, and with enough time, to gain the max level. But, for people that raid, it becomes an entertaining job. There is real accomplishment in end game raiding. My guild had Illidan on farm status when I left. To be able to coordinate 25 people seamlessly is no easy task. Competing for fastest content completion makes that task even more daunting. Being 124th in the world, in anything, is an accomplishment. I am proud of our accomplishments, even if it was just in a game. I am also proud of how well my friends can work as a team.

    With all that being said...
    I don't understand the people that play WoW casually. If you are so devoid of social skills that you need to pay $15 a month to walk around anonymously to feel connected to the world, seek help.
  40. AHAHAHHAHHAHAH OMG! OMG! I was just saying the same thing! WOW sux... its is a boring game for people who want to live a virtual life just as boring as the one they have... maybe theyre thinking 2 boring = 1 fun!

    EHHHHH! Wrong! lol work with the life u have to have fun... one way might be to not play VG so much... theyre ok but this is a word of advice... u dont want to spend to much time on them... maybe ur thinkin the world is borin... EHHHH! i live in the most boring town in the world i still find ways to have fun not involving drugs or VG... just for those type of people out there... ull see someday if u don't take my word for it.

    P.S. RL has no respawns and only 1 life! Use it cautiously =]
  41. The greatest feature I loved about wow was the fact I was playing a RPG (I.e. final fantasy, Chrono cross) but with the added bonus of playing with millions of others players in one location.

    Well that is all I have to say for the good parts.

    The bad

    Trying to get to the highest lvl takes not hours...but days upons days of game play until you played a single character non stop for about a month and finally reach lvl 60 (top lvl before any expansion packs came out). Even after reaching 60 lvl, you’re not done; you now must strive for the best equipment. To get this "better" equipment, you must run in a 5 person team in a dungeon for descent equipment or run in a 20 person raid team for the best equipment.

    That is all fine and dandy but, it may be just me however, the higher I lvled the more time it took me to complete a higher lvl dungeon (up to 2 hours, raids can typically be much longer). Also, players that can run these higher lvl dungeons are harder to find to the point where you spend most of the time just trying to gather a team. The real annoyance was to waste time gathering a team just to have them break up halfway through a long run, only to result in wasted time.

    The biggest irritation was trying to play with higher lvl players. This was like trying deal with a spoiled self absorb 7 year old that have literally has no patience or temper. Everyone in their eyes are noobs. Though, I give credit for the older audience in the game since most of them do show some maturity. It was typically mostly the younger audience that gave higher lvls a bad rap, however, a good portion of the older crowd were just as bad as the younger folks.

    Thus, long missions plus long party gathering combined with self centered players, equals a bad game experience and bad combination with college. As result, I quit, since college was a little bit more important than wasting time on this game. Other games are less demanding and more enjoyable and better suited for a college student =P.

    I thought self absorb counter strike players were bad........but nothing beats an egoistical wow player. x.x
  42. it is good period, millions of people aren't wrong
    you either like it or you don't, each to their own taste
    altough a good clan can improved your experience in the game a lot
  43. richenbals said:
    ...after my wife had our daughter in October...

    Congratulations. I've got two girls. If you think your wife is moody, just wait... ;)
  44. promajo said:
    millions of people aren't wrong

    Flawed logic. Look at religion or any of the wars the world has had. I'm not not refering to WOW here, but remember, most people are weak-minded followers with a strong desire to connect to others.
  45. still you need enough people for the big flock to follow and it IS addictive :) which can be said from any games that people see a "good"
  46. I understand your point, I was just being cynical. Whenever someone says millions like something I always think about the billions that don'
  47. KingLoftusXII said:
    Congratulations. I've got two girls. If you think your wife is moody, just wait... ;)

    The day my daughter was born my mother pulled me aside and said, "promise me under no circumstances that you will get a divorce within the first year of her life". I laughed at the time and made the promise. It is not so laughable now. I have moments that I wonder if I will ever get the woman I married back.
  48. Woman marry men thinking they'll change, men marry woman thinking they won't. Ultimately both end up disappointed. Although I was referring to the moodiness of little girls as I have 6 and 3 year olds...
  49. I had a lot of fun when I played. When I started, The Burning Crusade was already out. I tried to play a warrior and a pally (got to lvl 50 before deleting) - damn what a total waste of cash I though. Then I played a Mage. Now THAT was real fun. I lvl'ed to 60 (read: quested to 30 and grinded to 60 - more than painful) then got the expansion. Got to 70 and just got bored and quit. I tried to go back last month and I just couldn't do it anymore. It is WAY too repetitive and its all about gold (like any other pay-to-play MMORPG).

    Don't get me wrong here it was fun, but the lack of variety is what eventually made me quit. And its the same if your Horde or Alliance...

    I did like helping low levels with the Deadmines though. I like watching VC drop with a quick nuke while the stupid mobs keep hitting me when I have Molten Armor on - Good Times.
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