Counter Strike Source crashes with new build mid game!

I just build my new build and when i play counter strike source it loads a game and with in like the first 2 minutes its freezes and skips real slow i let it do that for about 10. What could be wrong.
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  1. do you mean the computer reboots? or the game crashes to desktop? or are you saying that your FPS suddenly drops....
  2. If the game freezes and you get a sound loop it could be low OS paged pool memory (not virtual memory).

    I used to regularly enough have HL2, DoD and CS:S freeze with the sound looping and never knew why. Then I got TF2 and it was virtually unplayable cos it crapped out within a minute whereas the others were somewhat random.

    Anyway after a bit of searching I found the problem was the Source engine can cause problems with the previously mentioned paged memory thing. I can't do much with the net at work but if this is the problem you're experiencing then run google search for low os paged pool memory. There is a registry edit you need to make and that may hopefully solve your prob (it did for me).
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