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Hope everyones holiday went well. Bought X3 Reunion and was given Crysis.
Just wondering if people at Toms play RTS. Saw World in Conflict was popular and Earth Assault. They both look like good games. Playing Battle for Middle Earth still, but am looking for another RTS. The 3 most interesting looking games are World in Conflict, Earth Assault, and Company of Heroes. Anybody know if games fill quick when you log on online, or if there is a long wait for players?
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  1. I recommend Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. It has very good game play and has many forward thinking game play elements, like using dual monitors if you have them. Just my 2cents. Its what I play.
  2. but playing forged alliance online (and not getting the original SupCom), cant you only pick the seraphim?
  3. yup
    although vanilla supcom is dirt cheap now, so if i were you i would get FA to see if you like it and then get vanilla if you do....
  4. Company of Heroes is fantastic. If you get a marathon 4vs4 game on the go it can become very very tactical. There is also no one unit that can stupidly overpower anything else, if you know how to counter things.

    SupCom is also very good, thorougly recommend it.
  5. Supcom is an overrated waste of money when there is a much better game, just like it... for free.

    There is a game (more of a game engine) called Spring which originated as a 3d recreation of Total Annihilation (predecessor to SupCom).

    Spring consists of user created mods/games. 90% of them are based of off TA, while other include WWII, starwars and other rts mods. Spring is open source and is constantly being expanded upon by the people who play it. Not to mention you will often find your self playing along with the original developers.

    Pros over Spring:
    Better graphics than spring...

    Pros over SupCom:
    -Hundreds of user-made maps
    -Countless usermade games/mods
    -Better community
    -Controlled by the community, every user can have a big influence on mods and updates, because those making them play the game also.
    -Ability to help create the game: Everyone is able to create their own maps and mods (requires time and effort ofcourse). Its always nice seeing things you invested hours into being played by many people in the lobby.

    If your interested you can read about/get spring at spring.clan-sy.com
  6. Checking Spring out right now, looks really neat, thanks Envied.
  7. Playing SupCOm FA and Dawn OF war with all expansions.

    They provide both ends of the spectrum, supcom is so much stratagy i am still getting the nuances of it, while DOW is an in your face , funny, gory , just overall dirty grudge match type of game.
  8. I'm still playing StarCraft. (It beats Total Annihilation any day of the week) And maybe some Transport Tycoon, if you want to consider that an RTS; will be trying out OpenTTD once I can find a copy of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
  9. Also, I forgot to note that I have been playing a lot of World in Conflict, since it was in beta actually. Very addicting RTS that is easy to get into.
  10. I'm playing Command & Conquer 3 and Company of Heroes mainly.
  11. darktravesty said:
    Also, I forgot to note that I have been playing a lot of World in Conflict, since it was in beta actually. Very addicting RTS that is easy to get into.

    I didn't get into world in conflict. I tried it but i just didn't get it. Maybe you need to play the singe player to understand, but in multiplayer i feel way too dependant on team mates for my liking.
  12. Yeah, it's all about teamplay online. Some people enjoy it, others don't *shrug* You can still play as a rogue on your own, but you/your team do a lot better when you all work together.
  13. Thanks for the replys.

    Anyone beta testing Sins of a solar Empire? Still cant decide, but World in Conflict or COHeroes are the ones that seem the most interesting.

    My main PC didnt like Toms cookies or would have replied sooner.
  14. Quote:
    I'm still playing StarCraft. (It beats Total Annihilation any day of the week) And maybe some Transport Tycoon, if you want to consider that an RTS; will be trying out OpenTTD once I can find a copy of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
    DUDE! i was just about to post that I was playing Starcraft again. :D I forgot how much fun it was - halfway through the zerg campaign now.

    After reading this thread... I think I'm going to have to go pick up CoH.
  15. The Relic RTSs - Company of Heroes and Dawn of War - are both awesome. I can't believe they are putting out ANOTHER expansion for Dawn of War adding more races. That game just won't stop.

    I still do some War of the Ring on Battle for Middle-Earth II from time to time as well as some World in Conflict and SupCom.
  16. Empire Earth III is Not recommended very bad game i thought.... Playing World in Conflict love this game.... Also play alittle C&C Tiberium wars.... Supreme Commander is a good RTS game.... I played Dawn of War all Expansions and liked this game alot played online.... Out of all i find World in Conflict to be the best just because the graphics and interface and Sound was great..... Online is crazy!!!!
  17. What? No one is playing Left Behind: Eternal Forces?
  18. Left Behind???? Is this a joke!!! This game is terrible, first the graphics and the story and then the camera..... I remember i installed this game took a look around it and QUIT/UNINSTALL, gave it to a friend who gave it to another friend...
  19. Ya it was sarcasm :) (review)

    Seems like the only RTS game I'm playing right now is Marriage. :pt1cable:
  20. HAHAHAHA ME TOO!!!!!!! Marriage the ultimate in RTS!!!!

    P.S. lol at Gumby avatar!!! class...
  21. Envie, gotta disagree with you heavily here!

    For clarity, TA is only a predecessor in the basic philosophical level of gameplay, developers are not the same. Also, while SupCom's graphics are terrific, I have to say the game has other HUGE pros that are very unique to it in the current RTS genre:

    - Every projectile and missile is tracked in real time by the engine. Debris and terrain will get in the way, as will other vehicals, walls, and buildings of shots fired at units behind them (Depending on the size of units). This is a big reason why SupCom plays much better on Quad cpus

    - The waypoint system is amazing. You can waypoint virtually anything; units coming right from the factory can be giving orders via waypoints to automatically enter a patrol or attack cycle, troop ferrying services, and most cool: coordinated attacks down the second from multiple unit types - different units or groups (however u set them up) can attack from different directions from any distance and you can make it so they all hit the target at the same time. It's pretty awesome to see it happen!

    I've never had a problem with the SupCom community, I don't know on basis you call the Spring community 'better' ??? SupCom's community has been fun from my experiences, the official forums are moderated well with useful info and fan sites are great. I particularily enjoy the GameReplays group.

    I'm not saying Spring is terrible or anything, it's great also. I just don't think you should be **** all over SupCom by calling it an overrated waste of money without going into more detail about you feel that way. I think it's great we have SupCom and all that Spring brings!

    Anyway, I've been playing Starcraft lately also too, so nostalgic! I've had some great games with my gf's brothers over Hamachi and some of my old buddies I use to play with. Oh reaver drops, how I've missed you :)

    You should definately check out Relic's RTS games also! The Dawn of War series is really awesome, I love the Warhammer 40K universe. Also, Company of Heroes is outstanding, you need to check this one out for sure.

    About Sins of a Solar Empire: I enjoyed it for a while...but honestly, I'm a little concerned. I had high hopes, and hopefully the retail version surprises me with lots of stuff they haven't included in the Beta, but if not...I honestly don't know if I'll purchase it.

    There are problems with it taking waaay too long for larger fleets to enter hyperspace to jump to the next system. This is a brutal pathing issue that has yet to be fixed, although they made some adjustments in Beta 4 to this mechanic that doesn't actually fix the heart of the problem (ie it's a situational bandaid). Also, basically the only way to play is to create one massive fleet and go around spanking everything until there's an epic battle with your enemy's massive fleet.

    There's really no incentive or practical reason to split up your forces because of the conduit system of moving from plantet to planet (ie fairly easy to create chokepoints as long as you have scouts around to know when forces are approaching your outer systems). There's also no real reason to make smaller fleets for hit and run tactics because it's tough to get by system defenses with small forces. Even if theres ZERO defenses it takes a long to destroy the buildings there and even that doesn't have any significant impact if you do manage to take out one or two...my favourite solution to this is to have a sort of 'farm' space structure that somehow allows for increased fleet capacty, and make this ridiculously easy to destroy so we have a reason for smaller attack/defense fleets.

    Oh look at that, time to get off work! Have a good weekend folks!
  22. World in Conflict

    Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts, although I will uninstall because of the Relic Account DRM. To avoid this, only get the orignal company of heroes, and patch only to version 1.4, which means no multiplayer.


    Will replace company of heroes with something. Possibly warhammer 40k, supreme commander, spring. Maybe revisit warcraft III or age of mythology.
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