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I tried out <A HREF="http://www.porivo.com/peernetwork/jsp/application.jsp?Referrer=fu_hasi" target="_new">Gomez Peer </A>a few months ago. After spending three or four weeks in the “pending” status (or whatever it’s called), I got tired of giving them my CPU cycles for free.

Today, out of the blue, I get a payment from them for $5. Which was kinda odd since I don’t think I accrued that much during my time with them. Anyway, free money is good money. I might have to give their client another shot.
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  1. I'm bumping this thread because Gomez Peer is still alive and kicking. I got also my pay for keeping my PC on. My first pay was released via egold and the second one is via Paypal. I think it's a safe software to install on your PC.
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