Crysis on the highest?

Will I be able to run Crysis on the very Highest, DX10, 1680x1050?

-Intel DX38BT Motherboard
-2 x 1GB of DDR3 SDRAM 1600 Memory
-GeForce 8800GTS GPU
-Intel Core 2 Extreme 3.0GHz Quad-Core Processor
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  1. If u disable AA u can
    because i ran Crysis @ 1680x1050 with AA off and every thing else maxed out
  2. Might need a better GPU. Sell up and get a 9 series in a bit.
  3. I assume that is the new 8800GTS 512mb? If not then you need to upgrade.
  4. sorry, it's the 640MB GPU
  5. TimS said:
    sorry, it's the 640MB GPU

    High with very low AA is guna be your best bet for consistently smooth gameplay.
  6. Agreed
  7. quantumsheep said:
    High with very low AA is guna be your best bet for consistently smooth gameplay.

    4x AA at least? :D
  8. I run DX10 (haven't checked with patch yet.. :D) with no AA on high at ~35-40 FPS (system in sig)

    Hope this helps

    edit: lol my signature is messed up, let me try to fix it ;)
  9. ok lol now my sig looks right, sorry about that
  10. mmm i dont know about maxed, maybe with high / medium settings cuz my 8800gt gets between 70 and 15 frames at 1024 x 768 maxed but then again my x2 3800 is probably holding me back
  11. To answer your question, no you won't be able to run this resolution with DX10 Smoothly with this least until the patch comes out and the patch may not even help you here.

    With my system (look below), I can only run Very High DX10 under Vista-64bit at 1366x768 with smooth FPS (20+). Oh, and that's with no AA on.

    I do not overclock so maybe you can play smooth DX10 at 1440x900 if you overclock a 8800GTX.

    ***Edit - The patch is available as of today ***.
  12. When would the 9800 be expected to release and would I possibly be able to max everything out with that?
  13. Hey, hold might want to check out the performance boost from today's released patch. It seems to make a whole lot of difference (for cross fire anyways). I'm still waiting on single card performance boost results).

    Still if you want the 9800GX2 card, the prices for those will only come out in February which means the cards will be available some time after, perhaps early in the summer.
  14. the patch made almost no difference on my system. MAYBE 5 fps average out of it...
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