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I'm waiting to build a new PC next month so I haven't got to play anything real current.. My last new game was company of heroes, I had fun with that until my motherboard toasted on my old P4.. Anyhow I'm dying to have a new game come out where I can leave reality and be immersed in the story.. I would say that Kotor had my imagination going when I trained to be a jedi.. Other than that it has been awhile... I want to know what other people expect and are looking for, I know gamers have some pretty unique tastes..I will admit that I'm looking forward to SC 2, mainly because I want to take Kerrigan down after killing my beloved Fenix!! But rpgs get pretty old to me quickly...
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  1. What do I want? Better gameplay and creativity.

    What will we get? On the whole; ever increasing hardware demands, fancy graphics, but shorter games with virtually no originality.

    Let's hope Spore isn't a damp squib because there's precious little else on the horizon to grab my attention.
  2. I want something original, not the same skeleton with a different skin. I want it to set a name for itself in gaming history. Hey I know... why not an absolutely new genre? ;)
  3. Groinal attachment
  4. Heh, thoughtful and comical reads ^ , thanks guys...
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