I have the following system:
motherboard: GA-7VRXP
cpu: AMD XP 2000+
memory: 1x 128 DDR 266 Samsung Cl.2
2x 256 DDR 266 Crossair Cl.2
Video: Ati Radeon
Audio: Creative Audigy

I CANNOT install windwos (XP or 2000) or linux when the FSB is set to 133 Mhz (with the help of the dip switch on the board) ... the setup for windows is blocking in the begining (different messages like fatal error from usbport.sys) and linux is going to panic.
I run the tests on the memory and they look ok (using memtest) and I tried a lot of bios configuration and the latest bios updates.
I was able to install windows only with fsb set to 100 but the CPU is now at 1250 Mhz....
Tryng to overclock from bios or EasyTune leads to a maximum of 1600 Mhz and a very very unstable system(in fact unusable). The same unstable system I get when( after succesfull install of windows with fsb set to 100) I put again the dip switch to fsb 133 Mhz.
Any hints are really really welcome!!!
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  1. Almost sounds like a mainboard northbridge overclock/heat problem. Which makes me suspect the Audigy.

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  2. I have a similar spec system but only 1 x 512Mb 2700 2.5 cas (unbranded) Dimm, GeForce 3 and on board sound. I get exactly the same symptoms as yourself. Stable system when FSB is at 100 but falls over at 133 FSB. My CPU temps in the BIOS show 79c - 89c and the BIOS allows shutdown at 110c !!! Board is a Rev 1.1 with F6 BIOS. Anyone had similar probs as I am close to taking this back for a refund.
  3. Try my memory settings in my signature. Some 7VRXP users have problems if they set their memory settings a little too aggressively.

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  4. Tried the settings you reccomended but still drops back to desktop or reboots during Games. I am now more concerned about the temps as at 100 FSB the temps are way lower. Don't want to stick another Heatsink on as CPU worked OK on older Jetway Mobo without probs. Thanks again but anymore ideas ??
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