Drive will not read Crysis, please help!

Just built a new machine, loaded everything fine...Windows XP SP2c, MS Office, ES4:Oblivion, Battle For Middle Earth, Medieval II, drivers, etc. etc.

Bought Crysis today to see how it would do on my machine, and the drive wouldn't read the disc...doesn't even recognize it being there. It makes a sound like its trying to read it. I thought maybe it was a bad Crysis disc but I get prompts for install when I put it in another computer at work.

I'm also having trouble playing DVD's...but I think that's a separate issue. I haven't downloaded a DVD-decoder yet. But my understanding is a decoder is just for DVD playback, it has nothing to do with DVD-ROM games.

Any suggestions?

Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, Abit IP35-E, Aerocool Z. 500W, WD 250gb sata HDD, 2 x 1 gb G.Skill DDR2 800, LITE-ON 20X DVD burner SATA, Antec 900 case
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  1. Yello
    My friend is having the same problem at the minute with COD4, i even lent him my disc just to see if it was his disc. And the same thing happens it just wont read the COD4, his DVD-RW is about 2 years old and thinks it might be that. (Though his other discs work in the drive.)
    Crysis on mine seems to make some strange noises when reading the disc, think i need a new drive aswell
  2. Yeah I exchanged for a new Crysis disc, so I'll try that...LITE-ON said to contact the manufacturer of the game, but i don't think that's gonna do any good.

    next step is to uninstall the drive, reboot, have XP redo it all.

    unless anyone has any other ideas, i may buy a new drive and see what happens
  3. check for some firmware.. other than that, never heard of LITE-ON..
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