What FPS should I be getting...?

Hi there,

I've just upgraded from an ATI x1800 XT to NVIDIA 8800 GTS 512 MB.

Rest of system spec is:
Athlon 64 x2 4400+
2 GB Ram
Soundblaster Audigy 4
250GB 7200 RPM HDD

What FPS should I be getting in Crysis at 1280 x 1024 with High Settings? Just tried demo and wasn't performing as I thought it would in comparison to my x1800...

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  1. Maybe 30-40 outdoors (Give or take 5-10 in either direction - really depends what you're rig is rendering when you check your FPS). The weakest link is probably your CPU, but it shouldn't be limiting you by that much, maybe try a slight OC to squeeze a few more FPS out.
  2. Don't get your hopes up...

    My system:

    E6600 - OC'ed to 3.1ghz
    8800gts 320mb
    4gb crucial ballistix 800mhz ram
    asus p5b
    total 400+ hdd space

    Res: 1440x900
    Game settings: All medium, 2x AA.
    FPS: -30...

    Then again my res is much greater than yours but then again you want high settings...
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