Sound cuts out entirely in Crysis.

Hi there,

I got the demo and had sound problems. I buy the full game and a new 8800GTS 512 MB. Looks great, sounds fine for first 15 mins or so. Then randomly the sound cuts out altogether, no crackling or anything - from full quality to nothing in an instant. It doesn't come on again if I keep playing. If I restart the game without restarting the computer I'll have sound for a minute or two. If I restart the computer the whole problem starts over again. If I set the quality to medium the problem still happens.

Athlon 64 x2 4400+
NVIDIA 8800 GTS 512 MB
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4
2GB Ram.
Mobo Asus A8R MVP

I know people are having other problems with sound (crackling etc) but I couldnt find someone with a problem like mine.

Any help appreciated.
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  2. Dare I ask if you've installed the most current drivers for your audio device? If not, do that. Also, try reinstalling the game. I remember back when oblivion first came out i had a similar audio issue that i tried EVERYTHING to solve, but it didn't go away until i bought an actual pci card.

    Sorry, but i have little knowledge of sound cards and the software associated with them. Others on this board can be more helpful in this department.
  3. Thanks for the response anyway.
    Yep, most up to date drivers.
    Onboard audio disabled.
    Just cuts out dead.
    Very odd.
    Could it be a service or background program crashing?
    No stuttering. Just from normal to gone in an instant.

  4. Well, you may want to look with the Official forums of Crysis for support. Given that you have installed the latest drivers for your soundcard and prob reinstalled Crysis already, the problem may be coming from many places.

    As you mentioned, a background application might be the issue. I'm assuming you did close all sound related programs such as Skype or Ventrilo,etc and are still having the issue.

    Check your dxdiag (which you can run from "run" section in winxp) and check for any conflicts or errors. Make sure you have all the windows updates installed.

    I think you can also look in the Crysis setup files (or logs) and find what hardware was detect when you installed the game. Make sure your Soundblaster is detected. You can start by going in your Control Panel and check your Audio settings and see which is selected for Audio Out (output). If you don't see your soundblaster then this is probably your problem. Change it to soundblaster for both In and Out.

    If you have this issue only with Crysis and not with any other games then it shouldn't be a hardware problem.
  5. you can try creative update(has to be done in internet uses active X but its safe....). Sometimes there is an EAX patch that people forget to get ....
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