No increase in FPS for all resolutions (e.g. 1024x768 vs1900x1200)

Hi there,

Odd problem with Crysis, I know there are many but I've done much troubleshooting on my own to no avail.

FPS (as shown by r_DisplayInfo = 1) goes very low (10-15) when I am outside, not looking directly at the ground or directly at the sky (apart from that it is OKish). The wierdest thing is that this is not effected between resolutions, my native resolution (1900 x 1200 (24" LCD)) gets the same as e.g. 1280 x 1024 or 1024 x 768. Overall I'm not very happy with FPS in all res's. The first level ran fine, but the second (at the village) was where it became problematic. The demo worked much better for some reason, even on my x1800 XT (I upgraded to the 8800GTS in the last few days hoping for good results!!). I've done the following troubleshooting (in all number of logical combinations)...

-Updated to newest drivers for GPU & Soundcard (having uninstalled all old drivers first and run Driver Sweeper, and updated all windows updates.
-Unintsalled all unnecessary programs AND hardware.
-Tried removing the sound card and disabling onboard audio (to see if it was an audio problem)
-Ended every process in task manager that is not neccessary.
-Fiddled with settings - First level, everything worked fine on High (with Physics, Audio and PostProcessing on Medium) then i had the problems so tried it with all medium settings and little to no differece.
-Tried running in DX9 too but it seemed worse than DX10.

All of that and no imporvement. So I interpret that as meaning its likely to be either GPU, CPU or RAM? My specs are as follows...

Athlon 64 x2 4400+
Evga Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 MB
7200 RPM HDD
Vista 32 bit
Sound Blaster Audigy 4

Sooo... any ideas / tips?

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  1. Well at 1024x768 I believe that the game is really running off the CPU and not so much the GPU. I cant explain the tech. behind it, but that is what I have read.
    2nd you need to get some tweaked config files from places like,, or Check the forums at these places for people's tweaked configs. I can run the game at all high settings(XP to DX10 tweak) and get between 20-30 FPS, avg around 24 FPS. Which is totally playable on Crysis and it looks great. It also looks and preforms better than normal DX9 @ high settings.(like 5-10 FPS). I only had real trouble with FPS on the finally boss battle. You have a better GPU than mine so you should get better perfomance on Crysis.
    I play at 1440x900 by the way. But I know people who have similar setups to mine and play at 1920x1200 and get similar performance to me.
  2. Trialsking said:
    Well at 1024x768 I believe that the game is really running off the CPU and not so much the GPU. I cant explain the tech. behind it, but that is what I have read.

    Not exactly...
    What happens is that at low resolutions, a high-end graphics card pulls so many frames that the CPU cannot keep up. This is why they usually benchmark CPUs in games with an 8800GTX for example and at low resolutions, because it shows how well CPUs can keep up with the frame rendering.
    However, on higher resolutions, and especially in Crysis, the CPU is not a bottleneck. The only thing holding Crysis back is the GPU so far, as even the best can't handle it well enough to have the CPU be a bottleneck.

    In any case, nevynev, you didn't say, is this problem only with Crysis, or does it happen with other games as well?
  3. For clarities sake I meant the same FPS in all resolutions between 1024 x 768 and 1900 x 1200.

    System was fine before my upgrade on other games (played COD4 all the way through). But will 3dmark06 and try other games today now that I got a new GPU in.

    Please keep posting suggestions!
  4. ok,

    My 3d mark 06 results:

    Main Test Results

    3DMark Score 8163 3DMarks

    SM 2.0 Score 3711 Marks

    SM 3.0 Score 4392 Marks

    CPU Score 1555 Marks

    Detailed Test Results

    Graphics Tests
    1 - Return to Proxycon 30.575 FPS

    2 - Firefly Forest 31.281 FPS

    CPU Tests
    CPU1 - Red Valley 0.489 FPS

    CPU2 - Red Valley 0.791 FPS

    HDR Tests
    1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 48.878 FPS

    2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 38.971 FPS

    Isn't the CPU score really low?
    Thanks NevyNev
  5. Quote:
    For clarities sake I meant the same FPS in all resolutions between 1024 x 768 and 1900 x 1200.

    I'm not getting you here.
    Does the game run well or not?
    If the only problem is that the framerate does not differ going from a low resolution to a higher one (which is not a problem, IMO, why worry if the game runs well?), then either overclock your CPU or get a better one. But that won't really matter much if you plan to play at high resolutions, which I'm betting you are.
    However, if you think you're getting horrible framerates across the board then that's a different story.
    As I said, give a few other games a try, and see how well they run.

    Your 3DMark06 score seems about right judging by this:
  6. OK
    Crysis does not run well low FPS but this FPS does not change be it high resolutions or low, always roughly the same.

    Tried COD4, runs fine (about 55 FPS average).

  7. I'm assuming you installed the latest patch for Crysis as it improves Crysis performance a lot for SLI/CF and rendering in DX10.

    Unfortunately, your brand new GPU isn't quite enough to play Crysis in DX10 and get good performance in HD (25+ FPS). However, you normaly should get higher Framerates if you are lowering resolutions.

    Regardless, given your specs, I would try to install the beta drivers(169.28+) from Nvidia instead of the original drivers. See if that helps. If you've already installed those then find out what other people are getting in FPS with Crysis with similar specs as yours. I wouldn't be surprised if you are getting the same as others with the same GPU.

    i.e.: I'm getting an average of 20FPS at very high and 1440x900 resolution. Its quite choppy at certain levels(inside the artifact) and plays great in others such as the first levels.
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