Gigabyte GA-7VAXP

"DDR400 for Athlon: A Comparison of 9 Motherboards"

With reference to the above article from October 7, 2002
it stated that all the boards could be switched between 133/166/200 Mhz FSB .Could you please tell me then how ,because my board a GA-7VAXP which i`ve just recently bought allows only 100/133/166 Mhz.
Many thanks
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  1. this is the exact quote:

    All the boards do have one thing in common: the memory clock can be set in BIOS to 133, 166 or 200 MHz, without any kind of warning.

    apparently there must be a different setting than FSB for that board...

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  2. I have the same board and the dip switches change between 100 (default), 133 & 166. However once on 166 you can set the FSB in the BIOS up all the way to 200. My CPU temps in the BIOS are way over what I would expect and I am currently running an XP2100+ on a 100 FSB due to crashing at the 133 FSB setting, so I would be interested to know what your CPU temps are showing.
  3. Thanks for the reply eveybody, In my Bios (Version F9) the is no way that i can change the DDR Ram Bus settings they are at 166-PC333 in Blue .The only thing that i can change is the CPU host takt which i have turned up and is running happy at 175 which gives me a CPU Takt rate of 2330Mhz .For an XP2700+ its ok .As the system starts it tells me i have an XP2800+ on board ! But even so if i could get the Memory bus to run at 200 i would be very happy .My memory is the Corsair 512MB PC3200 module so i dont think there is any problem -just the stupid BIOS !!
    Suggestions anybody
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