Officially Unlocked iPhone 3G @ $200

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Unfortunately, the unit's refurbed. And from all indications, you still have to sign-up for an AT&T plan anyway. Still any SIM is usable apparently, and updating won't brick the phone?
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  1. if you have to sign up to att , it is not unlocked then..
  2. I think it's unlocked in the sense that you can use a SIM from any network on it. That's the reason why so many iPhones were jailbroken, right?
  3. well.... regardless, $150 is nice. Wonder if the refurb has any warranty?

    i got my 16gb this past august for $325 since i had an upgrade
  4. I think there's warranty. Apple refurbs usually enjoy full support.

    Ouch, $325!? Wait, was that actually at a discount because of your upgrade?
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