COD4 wont work online

When ever I go onto COD4 online no servers show up but i dont understand why. I have tried refreshing the list but still nothing happens.
Im on a wirless broadband network and usually have a good signal.
The single player is fine though.

operating systems: 2*1gb ram
AMD 64 AthlonX2 4000+
Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

any help would be useful
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  1. eheh,

    firewall? punkbusterA.exe or punkbusterB.exe?

    i run also wireless and a 8600Gt no problems

    just check your firewall
  2. well i managed to get online but after a few seconds in the game i get thrown off again because of something to do with the punkbuster
  3. Make sure punkbuster is up to date and your firewall isn't blocking it. That will get you kicked off pretty quick.
  4. punkbuster setup, download it and update your game! that's your problem!
  5. i just looked at this did what you said and its still acting like a piece of ***
  6. Do you have patch 1.7 for CoD installed?
  7. Maybe he was in favourites, that happened for me just when I started to get into call of duty, took me 20 sec to react and fix it ;)
  8. ok mine says that ubytea4n vertex says my video driver doesnt support it
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