Beware of Rebates!

Who has experienced "Rebaterus" in real life? :lol:
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  1. Never. I have received every rebate that I have sent over the past 10 years. The trick is to only deal with reputable resellers.
  2. Good for you! Who are reputable resellers in your opinion then?
  3. The resellers were Newegg, TigerDirect, Zipzoomfly, Clubit, Staples.
    The companies were:
    Corsair x4, OCZ x4, XFX x3, EVGA x2, Sceptre, Verbatim, A-data, Taxcut
    This is just since the end of 2006 with rebates totaling $375 with 100% paid.
  4. Ah, but another important question is: how soon did you receive your rebates? Not surprised with the resellers you've listed. I consider Dell rebates unrecoverable.
  5. Most rebates arrive within 6-8 weeks. This is specifically stated on the rebate certificate. If that time frame is not acceptable to you, then buy something else. It angers me to see people giving good products bad reviews out of their own impatience or ignorance over rebates.

    The longest I waited on any of those rebates was 2 months, 2 weeks.
  6. Man have I got you beat. It took me 7 months and 7 emails to get a $20 upgrade rebate.
    7/2/2008 Purchased software
    9/20 Received email saying my claim was disallowed because prior product did not qualify for upgrade.
    9/20 Sent second email pointing out that the my prior product was specifically listed as eligible on the rebate form.
    10/1 Having received no response sent third email this time demanding rebate. Copied Nero customer service.
    10/2 Rebate house responded with same product not eligible lie.
    10/5 I responded with 4th email – pointing out how I had already addressed that issue in previous emails. Again copied Nero customer service.
    10/6 Rebate house said they no longer had copies of my submittal and asked me to fax my copies to them..
    10/8 I responded with 5th email saying I did not have a fax and why should I have to go through the hassle of providing the same documents again - and especially when they still have not agreed that my previous product was eligible. I told them it was bad business to destroy the old documents before any rebate issues were resolved and refused to submit again. Again copied Nero customer service.
    10/14 Received my $20 check
    10/17 Rebate Support at Nero(NRS) (not the rebate administrator) responded saying a check had been sent on 10/8.
    12/7 Received notice from my bank that he check had not cleared and the $20 was taken out of my account. Sent a sarcastic email, my 6th email to NRS telling them what had happened.
    12/2 NRS sent email apologizing and explaining the administrator had gone bankrupt and that I had been placed on a list for a new check.
    1/29/2009 Sent NRS my 7th email telling him how funny he was since I still had not received my check.
    2/2 Finally received a check that did not bounce.

    Next time I will add newegg to the list of people I copy on my emails.

    Sorry if you think I too am being too impatient or ignorant about rebates.
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