LAn party setup with router & hub

I am having a bunch of friends over for a LAN party and have a question re hookup.

I have a Linksys 4 port etherfast router, and have a 12 port dlink hub connected to the uplink port. My question is whether the router will provide DHCP to all ports on the hub or if it will just assign one IP address to the hub. I have no problem with using static IPs, but would prefer DHCP if possible.

Any help would be great.

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  1. The router will not assign any IP addresses to the hub or to a switch as hubs and switches do not work that "high" on the network models. Your router should assign adresses to everybody, and if it doesn't its probably because it's scope is limited. If you set it to assign addresses in the network with a mask of you should have enough addresses. I would guess that your router is already set to do this, so you should have no problems.


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  2. that router can handle over 200 Users.... You should deff beable to have everyone play and the router will assign Ips..... if you had 150 People in your house and you need internet connection, it works the same way basically... in that case you would want a switch and not a hub cause switch allows maximum throughput.

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