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Is Dell Inspiron 4000 a good choice to have one >?

Last response: in Mobile Computing
August 21, 2001 4:20:10 PM

Hey guys:
Do you think Inspiron 4000 really good >?
Anyone can share some experiences to me, plz ......... ^0^

August 22, 2001 1:09:32 AM

Yerp, thats a good choice, alright. Completely modifiable. If you can spare the extra money, the 8000 model can get you the geforce2go graphics along with the i815 chipset.

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August 22, 2001 2:46:55 PM

What about the general performance and service >?
I heard some ppl said the service they provided which was not so good as we thought be4 ....... right >?
Any one can share some personal experience >? ^0^
August 22, 2001 6:03:37 PM

I don't own one, but my friend does. I borrowed it for a week, so I know how it performs. It was a PIII 800mhz Inspiron 4000. I would have to say, I was very impressed with its performance (especially when it uses the a/c adapter instead of the battery--as you know, the CPU goes into speed-step technology by lowering the CPU clock speed when it goes into battery mode.) I also really love the sharp screen of the 4000 Inspiron. The dual pointing devices are also a plus. Overall, I would have to say it performs equally well compared to a pIII 650-800mhz desktop.
Yes, I have also read in some recent articles that the services hasn't been so great lately. If that is a real concern for you, maybe you should look elsewhere.

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