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Hey guys,

I've been looking into getting a protein supplement as meal replacement as well as post-workout nutrition. Has anyone tried this and your experience with it? Thanks.
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  1. I probably wouldn't use a supplement as a replacement, as it wouldn't be a supplement would it?

    Supplements are meant to be added to your diet.
  2. Indeed. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, the key is to eat a high protein diet, get plenty of rest, and of course, workout. Don't cut out a meal, but like you mentioned try taking the protein supplement after you have worked out to help with the muscle rebuilding process.
  3. yes, syntha 6 is a good muscle building post-work out shake, as buwish sited, all those key elements will make u build muscle at a higher rate, and safely , not like using illegal supplements which give u fast gains that u lose over time and are harmful to ur health
  4. BSN is a rip for protein
  5. How about Met-RX Protein Revolution? Too many people complain than stick to brand loyalty! Too many different products on the market? Problem is those Perfect Pushup & Perfect pullups give you the expectations that you can get that ripped with the product you choose!
  6. like them adverts for them ab machines, get ripped in 31 days. OH RIGHT YEAH.... if that were true every one wud be. Protein is essential for muscle building. My view on protein shake is they are all basically the same, some brands claim to be the best but really as long as you are getting it from a good shop, any will do. I always go with nutrisport. 5KG tub is £38.
  7. I agree protein is protein. Just look for something that tastes good and preferably has a large amount of grams per serving. Ive used Optimum Nutrition gold standard whey for nearly 10 years. It tastes like hot chocolate.

    You COULD replace meals with only powder, but its generally more healthy to eat whole foods when possible because of the other vitamins and nutrients in them besides protein. I would say the 3 most important times when your body would need protein (as far as muscle building) would be right when you wake up, after you workout, and before you go to bed.

    While you sleep is when your body is actually repairing and building the tissue. Not while in the gym.
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