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hi, im looking into buying a new computer that can handle the newer games and doesnt have to be upgraded in the near future. i was just wondering where the best places to look would be and if i was to buy parts for the computer (no monitor or accesories) what would you guys recommend under a price range of around $1000

specifically im looking for proccesor, video card, mobo, hard drive, memory, power supply, and case which are somewhere close to my price range.

any recommendations would be great, thanks.
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  1. Are you interested in overclocking?

    Do you have to have the computer soon, or can you wait a few months? If you can wait, the newer PCI-E hardware looks promising at a very good price point.
  2. i would like to have it fairly soon, but i could probably wait on certain parts.
  3. Well, the AMD skt 939 chips look like they are going to be around for a long time, as well as the 64bit technology is really catching on(even though it is completely unused at this point). There are also many options for motherboards too. Look for Asus, MSI, or Abit- well known brand names. You could get a MB with a 3000+ AMD skt 939 and in a few years probably put a 3800+ or more in the same MB for relatively cheap.

    Also, if you are concerned about staying current, I think PCI-E is really going to be predominant in the coming years. So you may want to wait a couple of months until there are more hardware options available. In fact, if you are just now starting your search, it may take you at least a few weeks to educate yourself to everything available anyhow.
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