Student loan debt sky high?

Why do the professors send out their minions, all taught to complain about big business, corporations, big oil etc etc etc, and make such claims as theyre simply stealing our money and becoming filthy rich?
They need to look in the mirror, and see that all those poor students have racked up a debt higher than all the credit card debt combined, the hypocrites
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  1. It is not just the Professors, it is also the Institution.

    However, if one goes to a college where all your do is nothing but work for a guy who wants to research, you wont get a job with nothing but a 120,000 USD debt. If you get a worthless degree, your fault.

    I agree College is too expensive, but remember...Capitalism dictates.
  2. Education there is for the rich ... the poor get kids.

    Here we have HECS (The Gov helping us out) which subsidises your costs for a tertiary enducation and you only comemce paying it back through yout tax return on the basis of a decent income when you leave.

    It is a great idea but probably a bit too "socialist" for the US to consider adopting.

    Works well ... the poor have only the usual obsticles to a decent education.
  3. This is a huge argument going on in the US right now. Only a couple decades ago you could work your way through higher education.

    Once our government stepped in and created an easy loan process, tuitions could keep going up because the money was guarenteed to them. This created an endless cycle for tuition increases because the money is being guarenteed to someone who currently has no means to repay and no financial history to back up the loan.

    With that came the delusion that everyone needs some form of a college education, so now everyone can take a loan out from the government and go to higher education for many worthless degrees.

    There is an opinion out there to remove the department of education in the US due to specific failures in what it does. Personally I would like to see more emphasis on technical colleges and two year degrees and less focus on four year degrees. The four year institute needs to be shrink and get of the US gov't's nipple and the two year college institute needs to grow for specific job training.

    Currently within the US anyone can get a loan and the excuse that they can't afford college is really a sham. Unless you view it as you can't afford to pay back the loans after you get the degree and the job.

    As noted by reynod, the poor get kids and the rich get educated. The poor people probably do not have a strong education or experience with money management. When you grow up living off say $30,000 a year, you may not be able to imagine making $70,000 a year and paying for everything. You may never realize you can make more money than what you grew up with. It is really a vicious cycle and ones' own reinforcement of their own reality, regardless of the true circumstances.

  4. I am not used to someone agreeing with me on anything.

    Mingo .. .what do I do next?
  5. riser said:
    ... Only a couple decades ago you could work your way through higher education.


    When did it become impossible to work your way thru college, it must have been very recently and not a couple decades ago.
    I worked fulltime at my job while attending ASU, and was registered there for fulltime hours (although I admit it was the min 12hrs).

    I work currently with some younger kids that are attending community college. They seem to do just fine, and their education will be even cheaper in comparison to what I foolishly owe in ASU student loans.

    There IS a way to do it... much of the whiners that these "complaints" stem from seem to be from Occupy Wall St, and when a journalist investigates it turns out they are $200,000 private school craybabies that have never even attempted to live life on their own yet. Like Gamer said, probably majored in Lesbian Studies with a minor in Deviant Sexuality. People like that have no right to complain about the choices they made for their education.
  6. Ply Sci
    English,( if one is to not become a teacher)

    These are just few of what degrees are a waste. Get rid of those, unless you want a 4-yeear degree for a job at Starbucks.

    Here is what we need:

    Agricultural/Agronomic Studies/Chemistry/Engineering
    General/Broad Engineering,( all the disciplines of Engineering)
    Computer/Physical/Nuclear/Biological Sciences
    The Art/Theology/Psycology.( They may seem redundant, but they are needed for the American society.)

    These are just a few needed ones.
  7. @Knarl

    Most four year colleges/Universities that I see cost around $10k-$12k a year. That is unlikely for many people to be able to work and pay. I'm not saying some people can't do it, but a good majority of people will be unable to work and attend school and pay for it.

    As I stated, I think a two year school is the way to go. They are affordable. Regarding my statement on working through college and paying it off, you have to work a lot more and a lot harder to do it. Most people I know coming out of a four year school are sitting around $25,000 in debt.

    The ones who do not have any debt have had their parents pay for nearly, if not everything. Buying a car, paying their bills, paying their tuition, providing spending money. We would not have the student debt issue today if it was as easy to work through college as they did 30-40 years ago. On top of that we would not have the financial mess if someone was able to easily sock away $10k a year.

    Heck, most people can't even save $500/month. Anyone can do anything, but for the vast majority, working through and paying for a four year degree and coming out debt free is not doable. Those that come out debt free generally have a lot of family support, scholarships, etc. These are not your average students either.
  8. The vast majority of the problem with rising tuition is the over utilization of services due to easy entrant requirements and ease of getting loans and grants.
    This causes universities to need more professors , more infrastructure, more dorms etc.
    This is what is driving up costs. In TN when they passed the lottery hope scholarships they made the requirement so low that almost anyone can go to college. As a result enrollment skyrocketed and they needed more of everything to keep up. Since the state pays about 50% of the actual costs of an education at a state school and since the budget is tight (too much spending on medicaid) they had to raise tuition every year since.
    They are like a business looking for customers with no discrimination.
  9. Im pretty sure if a thread comes back from the dead we are supposed to shoot it in the head, or damage the brain... Right?
  10. You could shoot it or cut off its arms and pull out all its teeth so that you can walk among the other dead threads without them knowing
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