Free Steam games for Nvidia users

Hey guys some may already have come across this but I thought I'd just post this since there was no thread.

Nvidia users can get these games free.

You get
Portal: First Slice, 11-level demo
Half-Life 2 Lost Coast
Half-Life 2 Death Match and
Peggle Extreme

steam will scan your computer for nvidia hardware to be able to get the games free.
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  1. Thank You!!! I couldn't find these in Steam, saved me a lot of hair pulling!
  2. I saw those on steam a while back (except portal demo) but I already have orange box.

    The Peggle Extreme recently popped on my "not yet installed" (or whatever its called) list.
  3. Mine are only demos...did I miss something here?
  5. Portal has an 11 level demo? Wow, that is like a third of the game! Generous....
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