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I have a Asus P4S533 motherboard with the SiS 645 chipset. Celeron 2Ghz Northwood, Kingston 2100 DDR, 4 Western Digital HDD, Promise KT133 Tx2 Controller Card, Generic USB 2.0 PCI card, and an ATI 7000 VE graphics card. Sony Dru-500 DVD +/- R and RW and a Lite On 48X CD-R. I have tried 2 different power supplies, an Enermax and an Allied one. Both at 450Watts. My computer refuses to power on or POST unless all the PCI cards are disconnected and all IDE devices are disconnected. When only the RAM, CPU, and Graphics Card are connected, I get a POST.

However, when I connect a generic 300 Watt PSU, my computer has no problems powering on with all peripherals connected. Does the Asus dislike high wattage power supplies? I tested both 450 watt supplies on other computers, and they power up fine.

Thanks in advance for any assistance
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  1. I would clear the cmos. It is right next to the "jumperless mode jumper". You can also try removing the speech reporter jumper. There are 2 jumpers. One will "mute" the voice, the other one disables it completely. The reason is that it frequently says "cpu not installed" when it doesn't like a reading coming from the power supply. An antec 350 watt I tried had a blue wire connected to one of the fan headers. It didn't like the low rpm of the 2 ps fans, so I got the full screen saying there was a problem in the hardware monitor. So I disconnected it. No more warnings. You can also try flashing the bios to version 1.09 or 110.01 (a beta version). That might help your situation. Good luck.
  2. Extra power CANNOT cause such a problem, as the system only uses as much as it needs. Therefore this HAS TO BE a problem with the voltage levels of the larger supplies, they are probably cheap supplies with the voltage levels too low on a certain line.

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  3. On my first post, it shows that I tried the 450 Watt Power supplies on different mother boards, and they worked. Enermax is a well known brand esp. for overclockers. I just don't see why a generic 300 Watt PSU would work fine with all peripherals but the better line Enermax wont even power on the same set up. Is there a jumper setting I'm missing on my motherboard to accomodate my 450 Watt PSU?
  4. You don't seem to understand technology. You don't need to change anything to use a larger power supply. Perhaps you didn't have the Auxiliary 12v connector connected? Perhaps your old power supply is putting out higher than standard voltage, and your system isn't running right when the voltage is at spec?

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  5. I may not understand technology as well as you do, but that is why I am posting the question to better understand. I had the aux power supply plugged in. The power supply is putting out out about 12 volts and 5 volts when i check the leads from the power supply. Like I said, this cannot be a bum power supply since it is brand new and it works on my MSI board.
  6. What I'm saying is this: your system only uses as much power as it needs. 450W isn't a maximum, it's a minimum. You're system cannot tell whether it's on a 300W or 3000W power supply, all it sees is that it's getting enough voltage (if it was getting too little current, the voltage would drop as well). Therefore, it has to be either a voltage problem or a problem with the connections (which would cause a voltage problem).

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