Help with games crashing...

I just built new computer or majorly upgraded one... here are my specs before and after..

X2 3800+ (2.1)
7900 GS
2Gb Kingston ValueRAM DDR2667
WD 160 Sata..
Biostar N4FU mobo

X2 5000+ BE (3.1)
eVGA 8800GT
2Gb G. Skill DDR2800
WD 160 Sata
MSI K9AG Neo2 Digital Mobo..

My games just constantly crash always saying the same thing. "Game".exe has stopped working... everytime.. randomly... I was working before. I actually put the 8800GT in the old system before upgrading.. and that working.. but a horrible bottleneck via 3800+

So does anyone have any insight on why my games keep crashing?

Edit: And I'm running Vista 64 Ult..
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  1. What PSU have you got?
  2. FSP 450...

    It was weird I had to re enter some of my cdkeys and I gained 8gigs after the install...
  3. I have recently realized that Speedfan and PC wizard 2008... say that temp2 "system temp?" is lie 120C


    I noticed that people have been having problems with the Realtek ALC888 (which I have :() either way I disabled it in bios and managed to play a full game in UT3 and run the benchmark in WiC... both previously crashed somewhere in them... so most likely problem found but how do I fix it? Cause now I have no sound and I don't really wanna have to spend money on a sound card cause my sound wouldn't work right?

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