Here is a weird one for you. So i installed this game a week before, and it went well. I put the installer on a CD, formatted my computer, and installed the game again. And BAM it doesn't even start. I have rooted down the problem to the game's movie files (they are .avi, its an old game). To play the movies you need a codec which i have installed many version of, and still no success. If i try to open them externally from a player, that player crashes along with explorer.exe. However, if i delete the files and start the game again it works (obviously there are no movies). The codec is called True Motion 2 or something, and i even got K-lite codec pack which contains this very codec in the hopes that it fixes the problem. However, if i click on "ffdshow video decoder" to configure the codec i get a dll error.

Did all the movie files get corrupted, or is this another problem with my computer (the list is getting too filles up lately). If someone finds me a space to host a 3 megabyte file, i can upload one of these movies and someone else can try to play them.

Anyway, any input is helpful, thanks for reading.

Oh, and even going into the folder where the movies are contained causes explorer.exe to crash, this problem is turning out to be funny. :)
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  1. Sent it to a friend and he can play it, what could be wrong here?

    Seems my computer lacks the ability to play any .avi file, im sure i have all the codecs...
  2. have you tried opening a .avi file that is not part of the game?
  3. Quick and dirty .. go to Cnet Downloads.. and look for "Ace Mega codecs pack". Its free.. and it will install every possible audio/video codec out there (for the most part). Its safe.. I have even used it on a Vista box.
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