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I am getting a couple of upgrades for x-mas and I am not sure if need to buy a new mobo to support them all...

Here is my current system

Athlonxp 1800
Giga-byte 7a-dx mobo
512(2, 256 sticks)mb ddr pc2100
80 gb + 10 gb ata100 5400rpm drives
32mb geforce 2mmx

Here is what I am getting

Maxtror 120GB 7200rpm ata133
GeForce4 ti4600 128mb ddr
another 256mb pc2100 ddr dimm

I would like to get a mobo that also has usb2.0 support, 3+ dimm slots (for the extra dimm) and RAID (if I need it). I plan on making the 120 GB ata/133 7200rpm drive the master and the 80GB ata/100 5400rpm drive the slave on the same cord. Is that possible?

What would be the top 3 mobos that you guys would recommend to me? I can spend 75-100 bucks.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Does anyone have any advice? I read a bunch of reviews and to be honest it left me with a headache:)

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  2. I'll think you need to increase your budget.

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  3. I would recomend the Asus A7N8X, it is the best mobo available for athlons, and you have to add the fact that it has 6 usb2.0 ports, firewire, onboard sound that outperforms the audigy, and with 200 fsb support it gives you plenty of room to upgrade for the future. On newegg it costs 153, which is a little out of your price range, but you could increase your range if you got a 4400 or 4200 instead of the 4600. Even if you're a hardcore gamer the 4400 or 4200 should be able to play all the games out now, and even the games that are on there way with excellent frame rates.

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  4. If you can afford ASUS A7N8X, buy it. It's the best mobo for you.

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  5. thanks so much!

    I modified my X-mas wish list so that I could get the Asus board and, instead of a ti4600, an ati radeon 9500 pro:)

    It ends up that they will actually save more money!

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  6. Just one more question...if I were to get that Asus board, would I need a new case?


    From that pic it looks as if I would need some extra room to fit the extra usb slots. I have a basic mid-tower case...any suggestions?

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  7. I believe that the motherboard comes with a small popout panel that matches the ports on the motherboard exactly. You should be able to pop out your panel and pop the new one in. If it doesn't come with a new panel, you can still pop yours out and not have any small panel. Either way, it should work fine with your case.

    With all your upgrading just make sure you have a good power supply. I have two friends that had their upgrades toasted because of a bad PSU. And electrical problems usually void warranties.
  8. yes, just to confirm...it does come with a pop in panel, and good choice substituting the geforce for the radeon 9500pro...now if only they used the money they saved for the 9700 =)
  9. Thanks again!

    I am not too worried about a bad PSU since I have an Antec 400 watt PSU with plenty of wiggle room for extra doodads!

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