Run game in Windowed mode?

Hi! How do you run Call of Duty 2 in windowed mode for vista 32 premium home edition? I can play in full screen, but I would rather play in windowed mode. I tried using the following:

1.) -w option under target under "properties" didn't work
2.) -window didn't work
3.) -fullscreen 0 didn't work
4.) Alt + Enter didn't do anything...

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with an Intel X3100 video card... 15.4" screen...
I updated the IGP video drivers to the latest intel drivers. The game works in fullscreen, but not windowed mode.

I dont' know what else to do to make it work in windowed mode...
If anyone has any ideas feel free to post a reply here. Many thanks!
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  1. Vista allows you to choose between full screen or windowed. Pick a resolution in-game. Close the game. Right click on the game (or go in the game section in Vista) and from all options, you'll see full screen/windowed.

    There you go.
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