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I find more and more gamers like myself going to HDTV's for the PC as many of us also run next gen consoles and upgraded to 1080p. Its a huge plus to game crysis on a 42" lcd hdtv and a space saver having one screen do multiple jobs. ALL the new PC games i have seen support 1920x1080 natively so obviously they are aware the market is there, why hasn't the tech reviews kept up? I haven's seen any benchmarks addressing this resolution and would like to. Personally I would cover everything from sli/cf to the newest games coming out.
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  1. they already bench mark 1920*1200. Doing both would be pointless. I play at 1680*1050 and find that 1600*1200 works fine for me when comparing to benchmarks.
  2. fair enough they're close pixal counts but your dealing with an 8% differance in pixals while i am dealing with an 11% differance in pixals. i just think any time you get in the double digits in percent differance performance results can vary enough to justify the extra testing. plus imo the 1080p will be more boardly accepted since it does double as a HDTV res standard giving it a lot of market penatration the other resolutions lack. long story short, this is an enthusist site right? so i would think a new visual technology's performance like HDTV's would be on the minds of such dedicated readers. I for one love my 42" 4ms 1080p screen more than any monitor I have owned to date, and from some of the other posts i see of peeps showing their machines off in the forums, i am far from the only one usings the technology for their high end pc gaming rig.
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