WTB Lian-Li Hard Drive Mounting Screws

It seems I have misplaced the spare HDD mounting screws for my Lian-Li case, so I thought I'd ask around if anyone has any extras. (There are some stores that sell the screws and other parts, but where they are in stock, a set of 8 costs over $10 w/ shipping!)

I believe they are standard across Lian-Li case models (PC Series, V series, etc.) and can be seen here: ... 43c241s615

I need as many as 8, but will take any amount that is on offer :D

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I needed some too so I found this info about a Western Digital drive. I believe most hard drives are the same so try to find some at a machine shop or an industrial supply shop if you can find one, just make sure they are not to long.

    Screw Size Limitations

    Use (4) 6-32 screws to mount the hard-disk drive. Recommended screw torque is 5 in-lb. Do not exceed 10 in-lb.
    CAUTION: Screws that are too long will damage circuit board components. Side-mounted screws should engage no more than .188 (3/16) inch. Bottom-mounted screws should engage no more than .250 (1/4) inch.
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