Which games should TomsH use for benchmarking?

When looking at benchmarks and 3D games, TomsH's favourite games are:

Battlefield 2142
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Doom 3
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

These are not bad choices...but, wouldn't it be nice to see more taxing games and recent games? I support ES: Oblivion as it should be there because even with today's hardware it's hard to get 60 FPS. 3DMark 06 is a general benchmark software and is/should also be used. However, games where you get over 80 FPS with older hardware such as Doom 3, Prey or Half-life 2 should maybe be replaced with newer games that are more taxing, i.e. Crysis.

I'll assume TomsH wants to benchmark hardware on games that have final patches available. Therefore, I can understand not benchmarking Crysis yet as there will most likely be other patches released in the near future. I'm just maybe saying benchmarks would be far more interesting and realistic with more recent games to compare our hardware with.

FYI: This is far from being a complaint... rather just a suggestion and a general discussion.

Any games you guys would like to suggest to TomsHardware for benchmarkings?
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  1. I personally don't mind seeing some of the older titles in there just to see what kind of ridiculously good performance today's hardware is capable of squeezing out.
  2. I'd be very interesting in them testing games with a range of common game engines, and someone publishing a list of which games use which engines, so a relatively lay person would get a better idea of which benchmarks are relevant to the games they play.

    I don't mind them not testing the game I mainly play (Lord of the Rings Online), but as I know it uses an estabilished engine, there may already be relevant benchmarks published, though it was another game that was tested.
  3. The older games are in I suspect primarily so that you can do an apples to apples comparison for upgrades from older hardware, not because anyone really needs 120 fps on Doom 3.

    MMO's are usually not benchmarked, because it's too hard to isolate the network effects.

    We only use the full retail version: no cracked games, because that affects performance. As a result, copy protection can sometimes prevent a game from being on our benchmarks list.

    Suggestions for what to use are, of course, welcome.

    The list of which games use which engines I think deserves further study.
  4. It might be good to add sup com and Crysis to the stable. Those two will tax the system in different ways and really push top end hardware.
  5. I'll second supcom - but only as a CPU benchie, graphics wise its nothing special
  6. Crysis
    World of Warcraft (not a demanding game but many people play it)
    3dmark06 at stock settings
    NFS pro street
    SupCom (as mentioned above)
    C&C tiberium wars (or any other strategy game wich is more demanding)

    Something like this? We have FPS, MMORPG, benchmarktool, racing, strategy and flight simulator :P
  7. FSX would be another good cpu benchmark tool
  8. I actually quite like Tomb Raider with the next generation effect on ... that could be quite a good choice ya?
  9. ya nfs pro street is a rig killer
  10. Any game with lots of jiggling boobies
  11. exfileme said:
    Any game with lots of jiggling boobies

    Get a girlfriend and benchmark her. But thanks for the suggestion anyways.
  12. age of empires 3 still can kill a vga card
    oblivion yeah, it's there already
    crysis because everyone is obsessed with it, and it is taxing
    nwn 2 wouldn't be a bad idea
    and unless they start to suck, the latest and greatest colin mcrae should go on it
    and something like lord of the rings online mmorpg. that game taxes a system about as much as the government does you, but will scale down enough to play on good onboard video.
    hmm... can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but i think that pretty much covers the genre's and would put most systems through the ringer.

    and I can see how this would be a complaint because they havn't changed their games in forever. I mean, even just adding some a few at a time would be satisfying. but with the newer high end cards, some of these games are not quite up to the task of "testing" the cards if you ask me. Any test game should be able to be turned on high with aa crush any given video card, unless it is a super exceptional card that we have yet to see.
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