WD 160gb Raptor Hard Drives and Misc Parts

Closet cleanout sale!!!

I've got 2 Western Digital Raptor SATA 160gb 10k rpm 16mb cache hard drives available. All were pulled from Dell Workstations and are in working condition. Model WD1600ADFD.

Looking for $100 for 1 shipped, $180 for 2 shipped.

OCZ Platinum 3200 DDR1 Ram 1gb kit (2x512mb). Timings 2-3-2-6. Never used.

$40 shipped

OCZ Gold 3200 DDR1 Ram 1gb kit (2x512mb). Timings 2-2-2-5.

$40 shipped

Western Digital 80gb IDE hard drive.

$12 shipped

Thermalright XP-90 heatsink and Vantec Tornado 9000rpm(?) fan. For AMD 64/X2 systems.

$25 shipped

Zalman Orb heatsink and fan for AMD 64/X2.

$7 shipped

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU and Heatsink

$12 shipped

AeroCool Gatewatch Temp sensor and fan controller. One temp sensor is broken.

$15 shipped

PM me with offers on any prices you don't like and I'll entertain trades for a 22"+ LCD monitor or Quad Core Intel Processor.
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  1. Hey, interested in the power supply. PM me and give me some details.
  2. PS is sold... bump
  3. Interested in the hdd.....PMing you....
  4. PM sent on Zalman.
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