space exploration game for PSP?

A question to all PSP owners out there.

Does anyone know of a space exploration game for the PSP? I'm looking for some travelling entertainment.
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  1. There isn't any.

    Closest one is Star Trek Tactical Assault. Which is more about space combat than about exploration.

    You would probably need to go with homebrew stuff for that.
  2. I hated ST:tactical assault.

    I thought as much (that there isn't any) but I have missed one.

    So try #2, what the best RTS out there for the PSP?
  3. Tetris :)
  4. I wouldn't mind a good tetris for the PSP :) I would mind paying more than $20 for it though. Lumines was enjoyable but I'm not going to buy another Lumines game if the biggest change is an update of the soundtracks.
  5. For some unknown reason I cannot edit my previous post this morning. Anyone knows a good (cheap) place to purchase a copy of Monster Hunter: Freedom 2?
  6. Well there are in fact some Space exploration games for PSP. You need a Custom-Firmware to play them because they are homebrews.
    The best Space game is a port of "The Ur-Quan Masters" (aka "Star Control II") for PSP. This game rocks, check it out.
    Also the amiga classic game "Frontier Elite II" has been ported to PSP and is known as "Frontier 1337".
    With Dosbox for PSP it is possible to play "Masters of Orion". Soon a Developer will release the game "No Gravity" wich is some kind of Space Shooter.
    Without Custom Firmware there are only some space shooters like "Star Wars Battlefront II".
  7. Well.. i can´t edit my post either..
    Check out "Xyanide Resurrection" when you like fancy graphics. Its some kind of space shooter for psp.

    @BigMac and llama_man
    Keep you´re spams to yourself!
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