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hi, id just like a little help, i have a K7S5A mobo, and its just recently started to reset? Windows XP said it was a graphic card failure... so iupdated the driver, yet it still reseted after a week or so? my friend said my bios could need upgrading, or the motherboard driver.....sometimes the computer is fine,other days it doesent load things up on the boot so ican never do what iwish, sometimes im playing, then everything freezes and then resets... please help, thank you for your time...Sevled x
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  1. PSU output?

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  2. its 230V ithink, but ie had the same case and everything for ages, so wots really wrong with it??? please help thank you x
  3. Heh!

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner.

    Try a 350W PSU for starters. These mobos with XP chips like decent output. IF you can get a 400W supply for the same kinda price go for it.

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  4. This faq should provide some guidance as what to look for....there is alot of overclocking information and hacked bios but there is also a troubleshooting section that may help you out...
    what revision of the board do you have?...

  5. I had an intermitent problem where a system based on this board would freeze and I'd have to reboot. It would run fine and then freeze at times of large amount of memory access. I adjusted the memory timing in bios from the default of 2.5 CL (which is what my memory is rated for) and slowed it to 3 and the system has been stable even since that. More interesting is that I can run the same memory at 2 CL and it's also stable for more than a month of usage, just not at 2.5... Suggest adjusting the memory timing to slower and see if this solves the stablity problem.
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