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So the game runs fine, I have a crosshair, mouse is not a problem, and it wasn't always this way. But now I have no cursor for selecting options or even weapon attachments. Or maybe I should amend that, I have a cursor, but it is not visible. So I can make changes, but it takes a lot of fishing around to get the selection highlighted.

I don't know if this is a windows issue, or a Crysis issue, but no other games exhibit this. I've tried restarts and graphic level changes as well as rez changes. tried changing my logitech game detection. If it's a setting in Crysis i can get to it, but it takes forever fishing around without knowing where I'm going. Anone else have this problem?
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  1. the only thing I can think of, if you're using quick save/load it makes stuff disappear, like weapons, but never seen cursor disappear.
  2. This is prior to any quick save or load. It is just not visible from the very start. I haven't played it in a few days, but it was there before, now its invisible, and I can't for the life of me think of anything I might have changed that would cause it. Thanks for the post.
  3. I didn't have a cursor when I downloaded the demo.
    Finally I bought the game and upgraded the drivers. Then I saw it :)
  4. never had the demo installed on this system, and all drivers are up to date.

    Also, am running into the same issue with The Orange Box. small difference though, the cursor is SOMEWHAT visible, only if it is moved to the right place, and very slowly, and as long as it is not within a text box.

    All other games it shows up just fine.
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