Crysis MP PunkBuster Issue

Does anyone know why I can't select "enable punkbuster" in the Crysis menu? It is shaded out and after a couple searches I couldn't find an answer. Everyone has workarounds for other issues about punkbuster, but the info on this one seems to be difficult to come by.
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  1. and...this is why so many people reeeally don't like punk buster! You can try searching for the most recent version of punkbuster and try installing that...but i'm not exactly sure how that works anymore. Back with Battlefield 1942, you'd have to do it the manual way i just described, but it seems like in this day and age there should be some kind of automatic update feature!
  2. Seems wierd that a program that does all kinds of fancy poking around in your system can't do a basic automatic update. How many programs do that flawlessly these days? Maybe they should talk to the people behind the mozilla stuff.
  3. oh well... COD4 MP is much better anyway
  4. "pb_system 1" in console Worked for me.
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