Need motherboard suggestions for a 2.4 533 p4

im getting a p4 2.4 533 fsb...and i need to know a good mobo to get. Currently im looking at the Chaintech Apogee. Any suggestions?
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  1. If you're on a strict budget, check out the gigabyte 8sg667 or albatron px845 pev pro, both for less than $100 at newegg. Tom's HG just did a review including the 8sg667, but apparantly used version 1.0, with no voltage adjustments. If you go with the gigabyte, try to get version 2.0. Also check out the 3 way shootout review at anandtech (about Oct 17th) for the albatron.
  2. the best chipset for a PIV (performance/cash/stbility) is the i845PE chipset

    the fastest are based on i7205 and i850e

    Sis 648 is ok but i think i845PE is better

    for brands check asus, gigabyte, abit, intel, ... people seem to like these brands best but try searching for mobo comparisons to gie you the best picture of hat is available

    my choice is gigabyte 8PE667 in pro or ultra version

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  3. Quote:
    the best chipset for a PIV (performance/cash/stbility) is the i845PE chipset

    Ditto! I would suggest a Granite bay motherboard but they are not yet available and will be $200+ :eek: at their inception.

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