Need help with first start

Hi all

I just put my computer together and started it:
asus a7n8x
amd xp 1600+
crucial 256mb ddr
pny gforce ti 4200 64mb
wd jb 80gb hdd

It starts, counts the memory and stuff, then
No floppy found (its true, i dont have one) and
Warning! CPU has been changed.

And then it just shuts off.

I can do this again and press delete, get into the bios
and before I can read everything, it shuts off again.

What could be wrong? Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. try clearing CMOS.

    Also see if there's a BIOS setting called something like "CPU speed error hold". If so disable it.

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  2. the boot screen is super fast, just keep hitting DELETE over and over fast till you get the bios screen, by default your bios is not set up right. you need to put the bus speed to your cpu bus and whatnot. thats why she not going.
  3. Somewhere in the BIOS it should have an option for enabling/disabling floppy seek. Disable it. I had the same problem. Disable the Serial ATA controller if you have the version of this motherboard with Serial ATA. If you have windows xp, install service pack 1. You may have to reinstall your operating system also.

    - Set "CPU Interface" to aggressive
    - Set "CPU External Freq. (MHz)" to 133MHz
    - Set "Memory Frequency" to "Sync"
    - Set "CPU Vcore Setting" to Manual
    - Set "CPU Vcore" to 1.75V
    - Set "Graphics aperture Size" to 128MB
    - Set "AGP Frequency" to 66MHz

    Just for kicks: You may have memory capable of running at 166MHz, no matter what the manufacturer claims, so try setting the "CPU External Freq. (MHz)" to 166MHz. If it doesn't work just set it back down to 133Mhz or try some values in between 133MHz and 166Mhz.

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