GSOD in COD4??? (yes, i meant G)

In short, when playing COD4 online (i've never bothered with SP) I will occaisionally get the whole screen turning Grey, with various large patches of different shades of grey, all flickering - which is worrying, however, if I minimise the game and bring it back up, the problem goes away - sometimes, but other times it refuses to be minimised, and i have to close the whole game, and now I'm getting even more concerned because i've started getting a new problem - the whole game Crashes completelly, taking my computer with it, so that i have to force it to turn off, now, all of these problems only occur once every 2-3 games, but its starting to get really annoying....

I am running a S939 x2 4200, 2900 pro (OC'ing makes the problems occur more frequently - i think no quantitative data on that), and 2 gigs of ddr ram, with Vista home basic 32 bit.

So, anyone know a fix, or even has heard anything about this?
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  1. How are the fans in your case set up? If you've got more exhaust than inlet fans, then the fan in the GFX card works at a much lower efficiency, because air ends up being sucked against it's flow.

    I tested this on my case by the scientific method of taping a strip of paper above the GFX card outlet, then turning the fans up and down. There's a huge difference in what comes out of the card's slot depending on how high the other fans are set. With the inlet fans up full and exhaust on low air comes blasting out of the slot and the paper is horizontal, with the exhaust fans on full and inlets on low it barely moves.
  2. I should have mentioned - I don't have any problems in any other games, even Crysis doesn't cause it to Overheat, and also, i should say I'm using ATITool to control the fan - and it never goes above 50%, meaning its not going above 70 degrees C for me...
  3. Might be that the game's overtaxing one particular part of the GPU/memory, so it's getting a hotspot, despite the overall temps reading OK. A change of drivers might help.
  4. interesting thought, I'll try jacking the fan up to 80% all the time and see....
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