cs 1.6 fps drop

Hello when i play cs 1.6 it runs 100 fps until one person is on my screen it goes to 60 when i go in gun fights it drops to 40. is there a way to get a good constant 60-100 stable fps?
I can play counter strike source on mediuam settings with 50 fps constant

OS: Microsoft windows xp
Graphics: Visiontek x1300 pci
Pentium R
2 gigs of ram
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  1. and 40 fps bothers you? What kind of resolution are you playing at? You maybe could try lowering the resolution or turning down some graphical settings. I really don't know if you should be having this issue in the first place though, considering the age of the cs 1.6 engine.

    Therefore, you should make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card installed. Do those things help at all?
  2. I tried 640x480,800x600x1024 and blah blah still lowers. i have aa/af vertical sync off. and i have the latest drivers installed , i tried omega but still did the same thing. should i try lower drivers?
  3. try typing developer 1 into the console, along with fps_max 131 and fps_modem 131
  4. Did not work
  5. Hi man i have exactly the same problem !! i have a bit better machine than you ..nobody can help me neither steam support ... i have all drivers up to date ..but nothink helps ... did you found some solution already ?? tell me if you did plz ...
  6. Abolic, you shouldn't bump old threads man. This thread is from early 2008 lol. But I guess I'm bumping it too, go to keyboard options > advanced > enable console. Press the ` key, type in net_graph 3 and watch your packet loss and choke, sounds like an internet issue, you're using wireless?
  7. oh man it is absolutely not an internet issue, i am not playing on wireless , and problem are FPS not ping
  8. i have the same problem i am usilg win 7 ultimae and i have wireless internet
    my fps drops frpm 80-90 to!!!
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