Age of Conan

Anyone heard anything or played the beta?

Looks like the graphics are first rate. 1)Its a MMORPG with a solo game that brings you to lvl 20 where you have a choice to pay a subscription fee or 2) you can start paying the subscription fee and start playing online at lvl 1.

Anybody able to confirm this. Checked the website today. Couldnt load the community website.

Fixed the cookie problem. My non Windows firewall was blocking all cookies.
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  1. cookie problem??

    so basically, its a new MMORPG, which is barely any different from almost any other
  2. cookie problem??

    Yes when my firewall installed, all the default security settings were at the highest level (from previous post).

    My own thoughts on Age of Conan are that it is "just" another MMORPG, but the game follows the original books like LOTR Online. The world of Conan is very open ended and the single player should be worth playing.

    Did any of these MMORPG ever think of charging $10 or less? Id pay for maintenance fees (ranting). At $15 plus tax it begins to feel like a utility payment because it adds up with when you figure in other game purchases.
  3. This is different from current MMORPG's in a few ways. The combat system is far more interactive (hybrid console like). It will support the xbox 360 and very mature, topless chicks and decapitations! It also has Crysis like graphics. Most PC MMORPG players may not like the new combat system. Fans of MMORPG's are not going to like the human only aspect. For the xbox crew it may be a hit, but WoW has nothing to worry about from AoC. I hope they sell the engine and make a D&D type of game, that would be great.
  4. I signed up for the beta, but didn't hear anything back. :(
  5. It looks interesting, particularly if they can make the Conan background feel realistic, but it's been delayed two or three times now and they've been cutting out various features; in some cases that may be because the beta testers didn't like them, but it's still a concern.

    I'll probably give it a try, but whereas I was planning to buy it at release in March, now it's been delayed again I think I may wait a month or three after it really is released.
  6. I would comment but no idea if they lifted the NDA
  7. Oh wait they did. I was part of the beta and honestly i was not super impressed. I have no idea if it was because i was a tester but with all the patches and the game files my game folder was about 35GB big. The game had alot of issues, alot related to targeting and combat. They were many graphical glitches that honestly made me upset, but then again this was beta so these are to be expected.

    My major gripe was that i felt the characters and the world felt lifeless. There was very little animation in terms of the character movements or even in the sequences, it all felt like "been there done that" to me. Combat system is really not too different than what you'd find in other MMO's so it offered nothing truely "next gen" in terms of originality. I was super pumped to experience this game but then i really didn't enjoy it. Yes, it has that blood and gore to get that conan feeling in your veins but then it's delivered very cheaply so it wasn't all that great. Personally i wouldn't subscribe to the game after beta'ing it for 2 months but then again we all have our different taste.
  8. I have just started to play it since early access and am truely enjoying it. It is a nice change of pace from WoW. The combat is more interactive, because there is no auto attacking. I am playing on a PVP server and leveling is extremely dificult though. I have had a hard time meeting people in the game and getting parties together. The quests are fun and the voice acting and cut scenes are well put together. Bad thing is I have heard that there are no more cut scenes and voice acting after I leave Tortaqe. I feel that this game has great potential and its beautiful. Just need to work out the kinks.
  9. i love this game, im a level 16, bout to leave tortage. I generally hate MMORPGs but this is the first that ive been really locked into. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is awesome. I am also playing PVP. This game definately has a lot going on. I must say that it runs little slow on my 8800GT.

    i am chaning my setup to 2 3870x2 cards. That shoud help ;)

    btw, i play on tyranny, and my name in game is Rekcuf
  10. I got tired of PVP server and switched to a PVE because I kept getting ganked by hella higher level characters that did not even need to be in that area or zone lol. i am having a much better time in the PVE server. I love PVP but sometimes I just like questing and solo play.

    (pvp) Tyranny - Ravencross 17 Ranger
    (pve) Set - Angelhaven 8 Bear shaman
  11. yeah it looks like a good game.

    My PCGamer just arrived. (insert objective remark) It is also the most expensive game out there. Looks like it would be worth the $$$ ..........Bueller?? Bueller??? Anyway, does anyone know if there is a campaign to play as well? Anyway, ill be watching game forums for a while regarding this game.
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