32bit DX9 possible in crysis on vista 64?

I'll get right to the question. Is it possible to run crysis in 32bit mode while also running it in DX9 on a vista ultimate 64BIT system.. I have a xp boot and have ran tons of test and (at least on my pc) Crysis runs better in DX9 than DX10. Also runs better in 32bit rather than 64.(plus I cant play PunkB servers in 64bit mode) I can run in DX9(as you may know) using the game explorer work around. And I can run in 32bit, DX10 using the bin32 shortcut. I cant find a way to run 32bit DX9, without using XP. Anyone worked around this yet? how? Thanks.
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  1. I imagine the bin32 shortcut is simply a shortcut to the main Crysis game executable with an argument parameter. Not knowing what the game explorer work around is, I'm guessing it's another command line parameter inserted into the shortcut to Crysis. If you get up the properties for the bin32 shortcut, you should see something of the form "path" -command (prossibly C:\Program Files\EA Games\Crysis\crysis.exe" -32bit). Simply copying the last bit and pasting at the end of the shortcut in Games Explorer.

    Don't know if that'll work though, not having Crysis but you never know. Good luck :-).
  2. Are the 32 and 64bit variations installed in different places (namely Program Files and Program files 32)?
    I had the Beta of vista 64 but have been running 32bit since investing, and I can't quite remember the file settings.
  3. All the files are stored in the x86(32bit) program folder.

    the DX9 work around isn't a shortcut target fix. you go into the game explorer app. were vista lists all your games, and info on the games. If you right click on the Crysis icon it gives the option to "play in DX10" or "play in DX9" Simply click on dx9 and off it goes. But unfortunatly for me "off it goes" is in default 64bit mode on x64 systems.
    If I were able to run 64bit mode on ranked servers I wouldnt be here, but for some reason you cant.(probly a technicle answer for that)
  4. All settings at high = DX9 mode. Don't worry about anything else. It won't be running in DX10 if all settings are at high. Put anything at Very high and it runs at DX10, cuz that's how it switches between the two in the menu. After starting it w/ the bin32 icon. Crossfire - out of bin64 is still sometimes weird FYI (bin32 is just groovy though(DX10/DX9... whatever you want. No reall dif. in perf. w/x64 either. Unless your sys. is slow to begin with, then x64 actually can help, if you get it to run right anyways.
  5. Unless you knew that already... and are having some other kind of issue.
  6. There's a difference between DX9 high and DX10 High. I use FRAPS to monitor my framerate and the overlayed indicator changes slightly when running DX10. There's also a slight performance boost going to DX 9 high.

    So saying that you're not running in DX10 mode unless you set it to very high is not correct, from my experience anyway. Give it a try.
  7. Eppidemic, try right-clicking on the crysis shortcut in Games Explorer and go down to 'Customize'. You can edit an existing entry or create a new one, I'd just make a new custom one.
    Choose an unused Play command and select Add, Find the Bin32 crysis exe, and add -DX9 so it looks something like ...crysis\bin32\crysis.exe -DX9

    give it a description and your done. You will have a new option for launching the game using the 32bit exe under dx9.
  8. If you run w/ a DX9 card the 'very high' settings are grayed out. The Cry-people even say that DX10 effects only take place with 'very high' settings. Other wise it's using DX9. To run it in one mode or another doesn't make any sense. Try running it in "DX9 mode", and see if you get 'very high' settings. I didn't know there were 2 dif. "modes", but I do know that I am using DX10 w/all settings at 'very high' running off of the bin32 icon, or the bin64 icon. There is no way to run very high settings with out a DX10 card, unless you use the work around to allow DX10 effects on DX9 cards OR the one where you can run w/DX10 cards on XP32bit getting DX10 effects. ( I hear this is not playable w/DX9 cards even in Sli/X-fire )
  9. Furthermore If you choose either "MODE" you WILL be using ONLY DX9 effects @just 'high' settings. Meaning you should not see a dif. in fps w/one vs. the other "MODE" (@high). Unless the game programmers purposefully made it so performance is worse in a DX10 "down converter" environment. ALSO MAKES NO SENSE. DX10 cards are faster @DX9 effects, for the most part anyways, so why would DX9 effects be slower in a DX10 "mode"??? All this work-around B.S. is pointless too. Just put the game in and play. If your comp. can't run it. Get a new one. Otherwise your just selling yourself short on the engineering of this awesome game. I played it ALL 'high' settings w/1950PRO512MB and FX-57 and 1GB RAM. Beat it too. Now I'm doing it again w/DX10 ALL @'very high'... I had to wait and save to play it w/DX10 hardware. I would never try to play it @DX9 w/DX10 level hardware. Not even for the speed advantage. You'll play it again when you get better hardware right?
    Sorry if I sound like a mean person. Just trying to put things in a better perspective. ie: don't make it more complicated than it already is.
  10. Simple - answer to the 1st. question is YES. Just play @ 'high' only, out of the bin32 icon.
  11. But just running the exe on vista will run the game using the DX10 Renderer which is slower, which is why there's a -DX9 switch to force the game to use the DX9 Renderer.


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