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Review written by Kevin Parrish.

Vivendi Games resurrected Saber Interactive's TimeShift, a fast-and-furious shooter that allows players to control time. But does TimeShift have enough going for it to stand out from the other FPS titles on the market?

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  1. The review sums it all.

    The main argument with Timeshift is that it deserves your attention but is not your GOTY- COD4 or Crysis.

    It's an obvious console port to the PC but the game has goods in it. The ability to rewind, pause and slow time is a great add-on in a FPS. You also get to drive a 4 wheeler, use turrets to defend your airplane-like vehicle and more.

    Personally, I wish there would have been more puzzles involving the Timeshift abilities. Maybe I am biased as I just finished playing Portal. The story isn't terrible either but the cut-scenes are simply way too-short to even have a purpose. Graphics are quite good and they make good use of dynamic lighting as well as the blurring effect.

    Overall, this game is a rental if you have a console but falls short for the PC. The multiplayer is ok for the console but once again falls short for the PC given its capabilities.

    Which brings the following to the table: 2 different scores should be given to this game.

    Overall PC: 6.5
    Overall Consoles: 8.0


  2. I love the multiplayer for this game, it's amazingly fun. But there is nobody who actually plays online bar 2 people.

    What I found with the graphics settings too was that resolution was the only setting that made any noticeable perfrormance difference. AA did barely anything, and everything else did nothing at all to the framerate.
  3. Played it for about an hour and it was a blatant HL2 rip off down to the Breen clone yapping away at the start of it. Got sick of it then and uninstalled it never to be played again. Rubbish!!
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